New staff salaries: “We did step it up somewhat because of their pursuit.”

The AB-H has the story on the new football staff salaries here.

If you’re looking for the breakdown, it’s like this:

UGA Football coach Salaries

► Head coach Mark Richt: $2.8 million

► Defensive coordinator Willie Martinez: $325,815

► Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo: $325,000

► Defensive line coach Rodney Garner: $290,000

► Offensive line coach Stacy Searels: $290,000

► Defensive ends coach Jon Fabris: $202,241

► Receivers coach Tony Ball: $165,480

► Tight ends coach John Lilly: $165,480

► Linebackers coach John Jancek: $163,000

► Running backs coach Bryan McClendon: $90,000

Assistant coaches total: $2.02 million

Football coaching staff total: $4.82 million

Basically, three assistants got sizable bumps – Garner, Searels and Bobo – and the rest received modest increases.  (Cue the “Martinez is still the highest paid assistant!” angst now.)

What’s striking to me about these numbers is how carefully calibrated this appears.  Georgia ranks fourth in the SEC in staff salaries, with an amount roughly the same as Florida’s, yet it’s clear from Evans’ quote that the recent runs made by Auburn and Tennessee at Searels and Garner factored into the math.  And still no coach has been given a multi-year contract, even though it’s stated in the article that the assistants are desirous of that.

I’m glad to see it done, but I don’t see the pressure on Evans to keep the staff happy lessening any time in the near future.  The flood of TV money and the pressure from underachieving programs in the conference will see to that.


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5 responses to “New staff salaries: “We did step it up somewhat because of their pursuit.”

  1. HVL Dawg

    The salaries look about right to me.

    I understand the desire for mulityear deals. For a family man they are more important than money. All those great salaries at UT wont help much when the Kiffin experiment falls apart.


  2. NM

    Can we give Searels a 10-year contract with a ridiculous buyout if another team wants him? Please, Damon?


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  4. mdr

    I understand Bobo and Martinez getting the most since they are coordinators. If you only think of RG as a DL coach, then it all makes sense. However, he is also Assistant Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. I don’t get why he can’t get a sizable bump based on those two titles, as well as his seniority on the staff. I guarantee that if you took a poll, a lot more people would be worried about losing RG than either of our coordinators at this point.


  5. Thin Mint

    Bobo and Martinez are way overpaid. Now we will never get rid of their sorry a*****!