An army of O

Rocky Top Talk shares this insight from a recent recruiting visit to Knoxville.

When asked what [Markeith Ambles’] top highlight was from his one day spent in Knoxville, he quickly responded.

“We were in a dark theater and all of a sudden they turned on the lights and the coaches ripped off their shirts,” Ambles said with a laugh.”It was like in the army and it got crunk up in there. Some of the players that were in there did some chants. It got crunk.”

It makes you wonder if Orgeron challenged Ambles to come get a piece of him on the spot.


UPDATE: To my commenters who are getting mired in a semantics debate, I think you’re missing the point.  Focus.  Here, let me help.

No, thats not Monte.

No, that's not Monte.

(h/t Kingpin @ message board)


UPDATE #2: More details here.

At first, it was just coaches talking to us and our parents, sort of getting a little bit boring. Then they separated players from parents. And the second they split us up, it just got intense. We had a team meeting, coach Kiffin came up and started talking. He calls on coach Gran, and he’s really putting emphasis on how important special teams is, and the assistant special teams coach is up there with him. He starts yelling something, rips off his shirt and two other coaches come down with shirts off. It was crazy! Coaches were telling us to get up, and everybody sort of stands up and claps. They said they were going to give us another chance at this.

They walked out of the room, turned out the lights and two coaches came running in, some UT players joined in with him. They didn’t take their shirts off, but all the players and recruits ran down from their chairs onto the stage and just started getting crunk. Everybody got in a big circle and it was like before a game, everybody shouting “UT! UT!”

Crunk.  It’s not just for black kids anymore.


UPDATE #3: The AJ-C’s Michael Carvell has more on it.  With the “wild boys” chant, it definitely sounds like a Coach O production.


UPDATE #4: Doc Saturday notes that Junior may have borrowed the shirtless ritual from the master.  You wonder if Pete had the stones to try something like that at an NFL mini-camp.


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19 responses to “An army of O

  1. I wonder if Orgeron asked Ambles if he liked movies about gladiators, or had ever been in a Turkish prison.


  2. Munson's Call

    No I am not…and don’t call me Shirley.


  3. SLH

    It got “crunk”? What kind of thug language is that?

    Maybe Obama can instill a desire to speak the english language correctly.

    God help us all.

    “Crunk”…… Jeeesh.


  4. Travis Fain

    A young kid used the word crunk. Yes, that’s why God should help us all.


  5. Hackerdog

    crunk = crazy + drunk
    It just means really messed up. Check out Urban Dictionary to see what other grammatical abortions the kids can come up with these days.


  6. Will Q

    As opposed to cool or groovy or radical or wicked.


  7. watcher16

    At least Fulmer still isn’t on staff!


  8. SLH

    If someone has to explain it to you, you’ll probably never get it anyway.

    Hacker thankfully understands.

    “WillQ” has yet to recognize the difference b/t slang and webster-recognized words.


  9. brad

    +1 watcher16. Well played.


  10. DC

    nice job, “slh”, you managed to come on a website and sound like an unprovoked dick. any other original thoughts?


  11. SLH

    Hey DC,
    It’s better than sounding like a thug. And I didn’t even have to stoop low and call someone a “dick”, or any name for that matter.

    I don’t like thug language. That’s my prerogative. Tough sh*t if you don’t like it.

    There is your original thought.


  12. cookinandsmilin

    While we laugh at their antics… this is what worries me… “They [Tennessee] definitely moved up on my list”…

    Crazy, like a fox…


    • We might as well face facts – there are some kids who find this kind of silliness attractive.

      There are also some, like Marlon Brown, who don’t click with Orgeron’s tactics.


  13. Ally

    Sorry, I find this whole “thug” accusation not only silly, but a bit hypocritical.

    SLH, you do remember that all of our kids danced every Saturday to “Crank That” right? I clearly remember fans, students, players, hell even Verne Lunquist & Gary Danielson singing “Superman Dat Ho.”

    Seriously. Much ado about nothing. He’s no more a thug than Knowshon – and I think we both know that’s NOT an accurate description of Moreno. And we have NO room to talk. Let it go.


  14. Joe

    One has to wonder if the kids will get treated to a game of “biscuit” with the coaches on their officials.

    What sane parent would let their kid enter this environment?

    The ironic thing about all this Kiffin bravado is that Ufk has never NOT recruited at super high level. They still have more NFL players than UGA.

    The guys have to be coached up, and nothing we have seen thus far would give the idea that these guys will be able to scheme on Saturdays.


  15. Will Q


    Thanks for being yet another commenter on these boards who tells the person who made the comment what they actually are saying/not saying or understand/don’t understand.

    For the record, the point I was trying to make (although it was a little terse) was that even though the article’s example was “thug language,” commonly accepted non-standard English like “cool,” “groovy,” “radical,” or “wicked” was once considered the same way by previous generations. Just take a look at any film released over the last 50 years that explores the sub-cultures of hipsters, beatniks, hippies, surfers, skateboarders, etc. Or don’t.


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