A Wildcat doesn’t change his spots.

Give Bill Snyder credit for one thing, the man is consistent.  Back in the saddle as Kansas State’s head coach, he’s returned to the one tried and true method he always relied on to make his program nationally relevant:

Schedule the weakest possible non-conference schedule you can to puff up the win count.

Here ’tis:

Sept. 5 vs. Massachusetts
Sept. 12 at La.-Lafayette
Sept. 19 at UCLA
Sept. 26 vs. Tennessee Tech

Yep, that’s two games against 1-AA opponents.  The man has no shame.  And before you point out that there are two road games on the slate, remember that he just got there.  Give him a little time and he’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again.


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2 responses to “A Wildcat doesn’t change his spots.

  1. Dawg93

    Senator – you may be right about Snyder’s scheduling tendencies, but I think that’s being a bit harsh on him for this particular schedule. It’s like this – he’s only been on the job a few months, so this non-conf. schedule had to have already been set (for the most part) before he came back. And if they were trying to fill a hole in their schedule for THIS season, their options were very limited I’m sure. That’s why we have Tenn. Tech on our schedule this year – we didn’t have many options (although I’m fine with scheduling them when we already have Okie St., Ariz. St. and Ga. Tech on our schedule, 2 of which are played away from Athens).