Out of the mouths of…

I’ve got two great Junior-related quotes for you to absorb.

First, here’s what Gramps has to say about his boy and the whole Urban-is-a-cheater episode:

“Yeah, he screwed up,” said the elder Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, who also serves as Tennessee’s defensive coordinator.

“In Tennessee they liked it, but when it was out there on the ticker tape — ‘Kiffin says Meyer cheated!’ — it looked worse than it was … and Lane felt bad about it,” Monte Kiffin told the Sentinel in Monday’s edition. “I just hope people understand. He respects coaches. He wasn’t trying to come across as arrogant. He’s not arrogant. He respects Urban Meyer. He respects all coaches.”

Junior’s got a funny way of showing respect, that’s for sure.  And I’m guessing he’s going to feel a lot worse about what he said regarding Meyer after they face off in the Swamp this year.

Quote number two comes from the guy who used to occupy the throne Junior currently sits on, Steve Spurrier.

On Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin and some of the things he’s said?

SS: I don’t need to get into all that. People say I used to talk a lot. I guess any time you win a whole bunch, you talk more than guys who don’t win a whole bunch. But most of all my little mouthy things occurred during the summer when we were doing those Gator Club meetings. Those people want to hear something funny. Bobby Bowden always tells little corny Gator jokes every summer, and it wasn’t any big deal. When I said FSU stands for Free Shoes University, they interpreted that as a dig. Anyway, I guess that’s just the way it goes.

Translation:  run your mouth when you’ve accomplished something, keed.

It’s shaping up to be a fun year in the SEC, isn’t it?


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6 responses to “Out of the mouths of…

  1. How many times have I heard parents say, “He’s a good kid, he just fell in with a bad crowd”?


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    I feel so dirty …. I agree with Darth Visor


  3. opsomath

    “People say I used to talk a lot. I guess any time you win a whole bunch, you talk more than guys who don’t win a whole bunch.”

    Just me, or is the Visor taking note now that he doesn’t win a whole lot any more?


  4. I’m also pretty impressed that Montesaurus noted the news going out “on the ticker tape”. Apparently he was so busy inventing the Tampa 2 defense that he missed the advent of digital technology.


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  6. Mr. Egger

    I thought the exact same thing, and agree with you.