Wednesday morning buffet

Some of these stories are crisper than the bacon.

  • ‘Bama’s getting its A-Day game broadcast on the WWL.  By my count, that’s three SEC schools showing their spring games on ESPN so far, and I think Mississippi State’s got Raycom showing its spring game.  I wonder how many Mountain West spring games we’ll be able to watch on the tube.
  • Lou Holtz and Sean Hannity. The mind reels.
  • On the other hand, there’s Michael Lewis, who, before writing great sports books, was a superb financial writer.  Oops, make that is a superb financial writer – check out this piece about Iceland’s financial collapse.  He had me at “In Reykjavík, where men are men, and the women seem to have completely given up on them…”
  • Florida is looking at moving Matt Patchan from defensive line to tight end.  That’s a big tight end, folks.
  • HeismanPundit gives us some more background on the ancient Samoan ritual of nipple baring that’s been brought into Knoxville.  I will say that if Junior decides to import the Song Girls into the UT program, I shan’t complain.
  • Iowa (underaged) defensive back Shaun Prater comes up with the best DUI excuse evah.  He still got suspended from the team.  (h/t
  • Maybe Oklahoma was better than Texas last season.
  • In reading this piece about five South Carolina players to watch this spring (is that all?), I came across this line about backup Reid McCollum that may explain why Spurrier is having so much trouble at the QB position:  “But like Garcia, coaches want to see McCollum make more of a commitment off the field.” I remember the day when the OBC recruited quarterbacks who worked hard.  He can’t find kids like that anymore?
  • And while we’re in Columbia, does anybody think this might be a metaphor for the season?


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9 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. dean

    Florida is looking at moving Matt Patchan from defensive line to tight end.

    So will that also be the first time in college football history that a D-linemen has been moved to TE?


  2. Dean, in case you didn’t know, Patchan has the potential to become the greatest tight end of our era.


  3. Patchan can do it. He is the top 1% of 1% of position-switching tight ends.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Holtz makes Hannity look smart. The guys in Reykjavik must be just like the guys at Tech. Kiffin makes first good choice. The half-life of Steve Spurrier at the University of South Carolina is a beautiful thing to watch.


  5. Macallanlover

    Not because the SDPI proves it to be so butI think Oklahoma was better than Texas last year. The BCS did get the two best teams together imo, although USC has a strong case….I think better than Texas. The “faux NC game” was much more entertaining with Oklahoma facing Florida. I think Florida would have rolled Texas by a huge margin. Texas didn’t appear physical enough to hang with UF.

    Dog in Florida—you have either never spent any time around Lou Holtz or you have an agenda with Hannity that prevents you from being rational. Holtz is as shallow as a hoe-cake skillet.


  6. AtlStew

    I hate when bartenders put alcohol in my coke.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Macallenlover –

    I haven’t spent time around Holtz but have been aware of him since his time at Arkansas. Have never regarded Holtz as being a friend of Georgia.

    I have spent time around Hannity but that was back in the Clinton administration when Hannity was just oh so outraged and about to blow a gasket. Guess that wore him out, so he did not pay attention to what was going on for the past eight years. Actually, he did pay attention. He has been highly trained and was groomed by Roger Ailes who did the media makeover for Nixon after Nixon blew the Kennedy debate.

    I do not have an agenda with Hannity. I have an observation about him:

    He is nothing more or less than a professional mouthpiece for demagogues. While his technique and delivery are masterful, his substance blows kind of like the Clinton years did for him.

    Having said all that on a Georgia football board, for which I am thankful, and having been cautioned not to do politics here, I’m still feeling pretty rational and the bartender hasn’t even put any alcohol in my Coke but I soon hope to change that.


    • Having said all that on a Georgia football board, for which I am thankful, and having been cautioned not to do politics here…

      There is no rule against political discourse here, other than the self-imposed ban I have on W jokes. If you want to say “Sean Hannity is a disingenuous hack who lies as easily as most people breath” or “Olbermann is a pompous ass who’d be better off still doing sports broadcasts”, have at it.


  8. Doc

    What… global war on Hannity? I don’t like Hannity either but DIF you clearly have an agenda.