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No shirts were harmed in the making of this signee.

For what it’s worth, Orson Charles just signed his letter of intent to play in Athens.

No word yet on when Charles spoke with Marlon Brown’s grandma.


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Will play for circumcisions.


“[Tebow] runs an orphanage and the only reason he would leave early is because the NCAA has a rule that you’re not allowed to raise money,” Meyer said. “So Tim can sign balls for you all but he can’t raise money for something that he believes in, which is preposterous if you really think about it.”

Meyer said that with the help of Foley and UF’s NCAA compliance department, “the NCAA approved of the ability for Tim to raise money for that orphanage.”

“Your quarterback would not be our quarterback any longer if that didn’t happen,” Meyer said.


During the Gators’ BCS national championship victory against Oklahoma, Tebow wore eye black with “John 3:16” — a reference to a Bible verse — written in white.

“And his aunt somehow pulled this up, but John 3:16 after the national championship game was the most Googled verse in the history of the world,” Meyer said.


Meyer said Tebow’s mother, Pam, told her son that at Florida he’d have more of a platform to inspire people than he would if were to go to the NFL.

“When she said that, I looked in Tim’s eyes and I knew we had our quarterback coming back for one more year,” Meyer said.

Look, the GPOOE™ is an admirable kid.  Good on him and all, you know.  Just quit pushing this stuff in our faces, OK?

What’s the over/under on the number of times Uncle Verne brings this up this season?


UPDATE: “He is the fire.” Gah.  Gah.  Gah.


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The lucky ones

South Carolina football players must be wondering what they’ve done.  First their coach decides they’re too fragile to handle a little bit of cold weather, and now this.

No word on how many F-bombs were dropped…


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“In what is becoming an almost ridiculous scenario…”

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it somewhat surreal that at the same time Georgia is waiting to see if its class of 2009 is filled, Texas has almost finished filling its class of 2010?


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