Kiffin watch: reinventing the template

Shorter Monte Kiffin:  if my son is behaving like a dick, blame Pete Carroll, not me.


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3 responses to “Kiffin watch: reinventing the template

  1. Macallanlover

    I don’t honestly know who is more ignorant, the daddy or the boy. “Monte Kiffin doesn’t think the challenge in Knoxville is nearly as tough as it was in Los Angeles.” What?

    Let’s see, at USC you have the only nationally relevant/respected CFB program within 1500 miles, 200+ D1 athletes to choose from in your state alone, and will face one to two football teams EVERY year that has athletes within 30% of your talent level. Yep, life in the SEC is a lot easier than that enormous challenge!


  2. CLTDawg

    Macallan – my vote would go to their fan base


  3. Macallanlover

    That is the funny thing CLT, the fanbase has decided to overlook how stupid this guy has acted. They HAVE to know it is making them a laughingstock nationally, and they certainly know, this isn’t the way anyone with class would act, and even the Vols have a few influential boosters who know better.

    Do you think maybe someone with influence will set him down and say “enough is enough”? After the first week, I thought we would see a change but there have been months since then and still a circus act atmosphere. Not sure I have ever seen anything as idiotic in the SEC before. This is what I would expect if T.O. or Mike Tyson were running a football program in the SEC.

    So maybe you are right, the dumbest of them all would be the ones letting it happen (kind of like I feel about our current politicians in our “government of the people, and for the people” in which we control who is elected. Maybe Baby Kiffin is the Pelosi of CFB and, like us, the Vol fans will just watch him take them down.)