A couple of (hopefully final) recruiting tidbits

Michael Carvell has a nice follow up with Orson Charles about his final decision to sign with Georgia.  Aside from showing that the kid seems to have a good head on his shoulders, the other noteworthy item from the post is this observation from Charles about Pete Carroll:

“He was mad. He just thought I would have a better chance of playing on a winning team and for a national championship if I signed with USC. He also was upset that he went to a lot of trouble with [heralded quarterback prospect Matt Barkley] to get the No. 7 jersey. [Carroll] kept me on the phone for awhile.”

I bet he did.  It sounds like he had to get a lot off his chest.  Sign with us because we went to a lot of trouble to promise you your jersey number?

Meanwhile, Dennis Dodd decides to dip his toes back into the Bryce Brown waters.  The whole thing has a slightly unsavory tang to it, starting with this quote from Brian Butler…

“My goal,” Butler added, “is to be a millionaire before they (players) are.”

Dude, some advice:  when the NCAA is investigating you, there are probably better things to discuss publicly than growing the size of your bank account.

Then there’s this.

A best guess is that Bryce has narrowed his choices to Oregon and Tennessee. Based on conversations I’ve had, the kid is very interested in how he will be promoted. Oregon has at its disposal the Nike marketing machine…

Exactly how does Nike plan on promoting an amateur athlete, pray tell?  This kid is an accident waiting to happen.

At least no coach has promised him a jersey number, though.


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13 responses to “A couple of (hopefully final) recruiting tidbits

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Methinks a Oregon or Tennessee will be on NCAA probation for recruiting violations very soon.


  2. Umich

    I think what he means by promotion is the heisman campaign that oregon did for dennis dixon, as well as the nfl draft webpage they put up for him. Oregon paid people to run a site all about how his training/rehab was going, and they put a lot of effort into showing him off to the world a year ago.


  3. I was talking to a Tennessee-alumna friend of mine the other day about recruiting and jokingly suggested that maybe Lane Kiffin should go after Bryce Brown, since it looked like Brian Butler was pretty much making him available for any price. I didn’t actually think UT would go for it.

    Well, yeah, I guess I kind of did.


  4. Irishdawg

    For such a happy-go-lucky guy, Pete Carroll is a real dick. He and Urban Meyer both act as if they are entitled to talented recruits, and if these recruits aren’t smart enough to sign with SC or Florida, then they deserve scorn. I know recruiting is dog-eat-dog, but head coaches should act like adults and not jilted prom dates when they don’t sign a guy.


  5. To paraphrase Owen Wilson’s character from Wedding Crashers, Bryce Brown’s recruitment by Lane Kiffin is “an asshat’s recognition of his counterpoint in the grandiose posturing of another.”

    And yeah, I think Butler’s time as a street agent (he can call himself an adviser all he wants) is drawing to a close. I think he’s drawn too much scrutiny from people who don’t want to have to answer the NCAA’s questions about their conversations with him


  6. HackerDog

    I think Carroll has hurt himself on recruiting with his antics, most notably the Mark Sanchez press conference hissy fit.

    Charles may be the first of many prized recruits to turn Carroll down. And with every story of Carroll’s bitching to the teenager that just decided on another school, more recruits may follow suit.

    We can only hope.


  7. JasonC

    I agree. I kinda hope he ends up at Tenn, so they definitely end up on probation. Kiffin + Butler + Brown = Gasoline + Matches + Gunpowder


  8. Will Q

    Whichever school Bryce Brown winds up at, it sounds like his jersey number should be “$”.


  9. Irishdawg

    I would agree with you except that the sports media rarely looks at Carroll or USC with anything approaching cold-eyed even-handedness. Once fall rolls around, ESPN and the like will all talk about USC’s (admittedly undeniable) talent level or do puff pieces on Carroll surfing or hang-gliding or whatever the hell he does. I doubt anyone, least of all the College Gameday sycophants, will bring up how shabbily Carroll treated Sanchez or Charles.


  10. Robert

    Gotta love this quote : “Tennesee can sell the charismatic Lane Kiffin, his superstar staff and a program about to take off .” It can ?? He is ?? It is ??


  11. Dog in Fla

    The bundle known as Bryce Brown and Brian Butler (“B to the Fourth”) bungle, think they are going to be bumping uglies and get bumpkis:

    Bryce and Brian bemused by Orgeron, become bewitched, bothered, bewildered, think that Orgeron is Oregon, sign on and get four-year sentence to Tennessee Lunatic Asylum in Knoxville rather than free shoes.


  12. HamDawg11

    Is it just me, or does it seem quiet around the UGA football program? There sure is a lot of static coming from other programs across the country concerning player conduct, coaches whining and gnashing their teeth, etc., but not much out of Athens….let’s hope it stays that way for the next 6 months. Flyin’ low and under the radar. I kinda wish we weren’t being featured on the WWL for the G-day.


  13. Andrew

    Pete Carroll…..this guy is such a spoiled little piss ant. He has an attitude with Sanchez and now with Charles (assuming the story is accurate). I love the quote “better chance to be on a winning team and win a N/C.” Considering UScal has there pick of recruits (UGA on the other hand battles against 10 teams for recruits) and a soft conference…. makes sense.