A sign the Apocalypse is nearly upon us

The Wiz reports that Notre Dame gets better odds of winning the national championship this season than Georgia.


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15 responses to “A sign the Apocalypse is nearly upon us

  1. The Realist

    Georgia at 50-1? Yes, please. That’s the kind of bet you want to make. Florida at 7-4? There’s no money in that. It’s not worth your time.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Look at the 2 schedules. That makes all sorts of sense.


  3. Tech has the same odds as Georgia…. that’s just not right.


  4. RedCrake

    UNC has better odds. Butch Davis has done a fine job there and I know the schedule is easier but come on.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Right, Notre Dame has only one ‘uh-oh’ game.

    Georgia has what, 6?


  6. Macallanlover

    Like betting lines during the season, these odds aren’t meant as predictions, just a reflection of how the public places it’s bets. If a few big money bets are placed on UGA at 50-1, you will see the odds fall quickly….it’s all about the flow of dollars.

    ND has more fans nationally than UGA (virtually the entire Northeast where a large percentage of the fans bet regularly), and an easier schedule so this doesn’t surprise me at all. It doesn’t mean the “experts” in Vegas believe the Domers are better than the Dawgs. I do believe 50-1 on UGA is a good odds play for a couple of hundred dollars. UGA is one of about a dozen teams with enough talent to play anyone on most Saturdays. Still, you shouldn’t ever bet heavy on longshots.


  7. RedCrake

    Off topic –

    How long do you guys bet it is before we start hearing Jimmy Clausen for Heisman talk out of the media?

    I’m gonna go with August 3rd. But if I was gonna put money on it, I’d say after the Spring Game.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Ok, but take off the UGA hat for a second, Senator.

    Which you would you bet is more likely?
    a) Notre Dame beats USC, or
    b) Georgia beats oSu, ASU, LSU, UT, UF, AU, GT, SECCG?


    • Hobnail, I’ll bet you that Georgia doesn’t have to run the table to play in the MNC.

      But Notre Dame won’t go unless it beats USC.

      I think hell freezes over before the Irish win that game.

      And don’t forget, those are odds on winning the MNC, not just playing in the title game. When’s the last time the Irish won a BCS game?


  9. If Georgia couldn’t win it this year, they ain’t know way in hades their going to next year. I, for one, would never bet on a Richt coached team.


  10. Eh, their = they’re. I’m from Tennessee, so you know spelling isn’t my strong suit.


  11. CLTDawg

    Oskie – there are so many transgressions in that post that I won’t even bother.


  12. Macallanlover

    TN oskie, so you think UGA should have done better than 10 wins last season with the injury siuation and the schedule they played? Maybe 14-0 with 19 starters out for anywhere from 1/2 to all the season? Know ANY team that has ever done that? If so, please respond with something specific.

    You won’t ever bet on a Richt coached team? Does averaging over ten wins per year for his career at UGA make you think you might be missing an opportunity here? How many teams can you name with a better record since 2001? How many of those play an SEC schedule? You admitted to spelling problems, think you might have other shortcomings up top? Don’t bet if you cannot get past your biases. I could care less if you like CMR or not, but you should learn to aim before shooting, they do teach that at Davy Crockett Academy don’t they? (And if you don’t like CMR, just what kind of values do you respect in a man?