Routine maintenance post

It’s not a huge deal, but since WordPress is now offering it, I’ve added a feature to the comment threads.  You can now respond directly to another commenter by clicking “Reply” and then typing your comment.  If you’re commenting on my post, on the other hand, nothing’s changed.

One other feature I can alter, but haven’t, is the ordering of the comments.  Right now they appear in order from oldest to newest.  WordPress offers the option of running them the opposite way.  Do any of you have a strong preference to switch?  If most of you do, I’ll be happy to accommodate the request.


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21 responses to “Routine maintenance post

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I vote oldest to newest (current format). Nothing worse than having to find the bottom of a thread and work your way back up.

  2. Munson's Call

    Keep the order like it is. I find it annoying the other way because if people reference previous comments you haven’t read the comment they are referring to yet as it is further down the page. Oldest to newest is my vote.

  3. GreenvilleDawg

    I prefer oldest to newest

  4. RedCrake

    Oldest to newest… Listing newer comments first only encourages people to comment without reading what has already been said first (thus leading to the same post being made multiple times).

    • Ben W

      And because we can now directly reply, I will do so…. to say I agree with oldest to newest.

      • heytogoober

        I agree with previous posters on order of posts and also like the direct reply feature.

        Thanks for being concerned with continuous improvement.

  5. If it ain’t broke…leave the toolbox in the truck.

  6. cookinandsmilin

    I have nothing to add to the content of the commenters ABOVE me…

    However I would like to add myself to the ‘total number’ of folks that agree with what has already been said…

  7. JasonC

    Maybe we could create a playoff format to see who is the first person listed in the comments section.

    • mcboyt

      That’s a terrible idea. It’ll take away from the importance of the regular post.

      • cookinandsmilin

        but we could form a committee with a memeber to represent each poster, and we could poll them, for bracketing purposes, that would seed a comment playoff… it could preserve the value of the regular post… see how all the other blogs do it… especially the basketball blogs…

        I think we should have comments cut-off around 64 though… we may decide to have a ‘plus-one’ added in the future, which would realistically make the cut-off at 65, but no more than that… until…

        • heytogoober

          But I’d always be on the bubble …

          • cookinandsmilin

            Many folks point to the NCAA basketball season as a “model”, if you will, for D-1 Football…

            Some reasons I’m glad that football is different, i.e. bowl games not playoffs:

            1) No ‘bubble’ references
            2) Cinderella isn’t a linebacker
            3) I would not want football the end of the season to be called the “big dance”
            4) January Madness doesn’t have the same “ring”
            5) I would shoot my TV if they showed me the first five minutes of the UGA game and then “cut-away” to another game that was scheduled for my “region” featuring GT…

            I’m sure that we can improve this list…

            Any others?

  8. NCT

    It appears there’s a limit to the reply tree. cookinandsmilin, how bout this: Mention of “quality losses” would go from being merely annoyingly occasional to being mandatory in any discussion of the sport.

    • cookinandsmilin

      we almost missed some “other” obvious effeminate references:

      “Sweet Sixteen”

      and “Sleeper Teams”… Who wants to play a “sleeper team”???

  9. Robert


    I think I’m partial to the original format.

    The reply tree would be okay if it didn’t indent every time.

    –Or is that because people have replied to replys and not the original post? Oh well.

    Ehh, just my opinion…

    Oh yeah, I like oldest to newest. I’d rather start at the top and work my way down…

    –No pun(s) intended.

  10. Carruthers

    oldest to newest