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I thought I should share this with everyone.  It’s from my stats page at a few minutes before 7 PM today.

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
get the picture 27 More stats
get blutarsky 9 More stats
no brag just fact 5 More stats
blutarsky wordpress 4 More stats
ole miss girls 3 More stats
what does “taking names” mean ? 2 More stats
tony franklin the system 2 More stats
out of the mouths of 2 More stats
jimmy clausen nude photos 2 More stats
tim tebow 2

“Jimmy Clausen Nude Photos”? Seriously?

I am one grossed out human being right now.  And a little puzzled – what on this site draws up as a hit to a search request like that?

On the plus side, at least nobody’s looking for naked pics of his coach here.



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Kiffin watch: sometimes, there are no winners.

The only thing that could make this situation better would be if Al Davis moved the Raiders to Birmingham.

+1 to Chris Low for the last line in that post, by the way.  (He sure sounds like he’s enjoying this, doesn’t he?)

Here’s the link to the leaked letter.  It’s got a pretty high chuckle factor.


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Red and black colored glasses?

In the comments to my post the other day noting the potential inexperience at the QB position looming for the 2010 season, the general consensus seems to be that there isn’t much to worry about because there’s plenty of talent stockpiled.  And that may very well turn out to be the case.

But we’re fans, don’t forget, and we tend to think more of our own than others do sometimes.  For example, I’ve seen many comments from the Georgia faithful here and elsewhere that take it as a given that Joe Cox will be fine running the show this season.

But what if we’re wrong about that?  What if Doc Saturday has a better handle on the situation?

…There are certain disadvantages to having only a year to play: Because Cox is a fifth-year senior, he’s drawing comparisons to D.J. Shockley, who waited years behind David Greene to lead an SEC title run in 2005. He’s probably closer to Joe Tereshinski, who held down the fort before finally ceding the job to Stafford when the season started to come apart at the seams a year later. UGA has no one of even remotely Stafford’s caliber in the wings, but Cox’s (presumably) limited potential is likely to give way to whatever Gray or incoming Zach Mettenberger can bring to the table eventually.

I’m not saying Matt’s right (in fact, I hope he’s really, really off base here).  I’m just saying sometimes it’s good to have a little cold water thrown in our faces.


UPDATE: David Hale provides a thoughtful follow up to Doc Saturday’s post here.


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No cable TV for you!

Ben Harden lets us know how tough life was at Hargrave.

… Harden spent a year at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia before coming to Georgia. He said cell phones and TVs weren’t allowed.

“We found out two weeks later that the Crocodile Hunter had died,” Harden said. “That’s how secluded we are from the real world.”

Attention Mark Richt:  this may be a better enforcement tool than running stadium steps.

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