The value of precedent

Tony Barnhart’s college football blog is back, larger than ever.  Today’s post is pretty much an exercise in catch up, which is what you’d expect.

But there is one little gem in there.  Barnhart holds out the prospect of hope to FSU on that school’s appeal to the NCAA of having wins stripped from its overall record due to academic fraud.  Based on what, you might ask?

Based on Georgia Tech’s cheatin’.

Florida State is going to appeal this part of the NCAA’s ruling and I believe the school will prevail because there is a precedent. In 2006 Georgia Tech won an appeal on an academic fraud case claiming the penalty of vacating football victories was excessive and inconsistent with previous cases of this kind. The appeals committee agreed.

Maybe Diddy’ll send Tech a thank-you note.


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5 responses to “The value of precedent

  1. RedCrake


    Tech has the highest academic standards. Surely that’s why the NCAA let them off the hook.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever had a Tech fan tell you before, but their school is harder than Georgia.

    Didn’t you know that all their athletes major in chemical and aeronautical engineering?

    Sorry FSU, you only had a Rhodes scholar on the football team…you can’t live up to the majesty of the ACC academic and athletic dominance that is Georgia Tech.


  2. heyberto

    I thought Barnhart was gone from the AJC for good after this past Fall? I know he was doing ‘contract’ work for them after he was ‘laid off’ in August, but thought that expired at the end of the season and he would be on to other things… did something change?


  3. GreenvilleDawg

    C’mon … Tech has other majors besides chemical and aeronautical engineering. They’ve got: Mathematics (the “Counting to 4” class is not a core requirement)
    Business (where calculating the gross margin on 92 pounds of weed is a core requirement)
    One of the things that makes Tech unique is their policy of allowing certain athletes (but not the general student population) to count a grade of ‘D’ toward satisfying progress toward their major requirements.
    And while we’re talking about Tech … Ray, if you had just kicked that damn field goal and put Tech away, my in-laws would have never known I am capable of screaming like a lunatic, “He (Jasper) didn’t fumble”. What made me think of Jasper? Could it have been stream of consciousness trigger by memories of Rueben Houston’s bidness dealings?


  4. 81Dog

    wouldn’t it be ironic if the Tech precedent helped FSU? Because Bobby Bowden has beaten THEM at least 14 times, hasn’t he?


  5. Unfrozen Caveman Dawg

    And with that Tony Barnhart joins the “Lane Kiffin: Crazy like a fox” camp.