Tuesday morning buffet

No politicians were harmed in the making of this post, I promise.

  • Here’s a spring practice look at the guy who’s charged with stopping Georgia’s offense in the season opener at Okie State.
  • Speaking of spring practice and Georgia, here’s David Paschall’s overview, with a little audio from Coach Richt.
  • And speaking of Coach Richt, here’s his confession regarding letting his foot off the gas a little too much last season.
  • This might be Junior’s first false step – for the Vol faithful, I mean – since arriving in Knoxville:  he turned down an invitation to be featured in a 50-lap Saturday Night Special Late Model event at Bristol Motor Speedway.  Next thing you know, he’ll refuse a cold PBR that’s offered to him.
  • A possible sign that I’m getting jaded at this blog:  this didn’t surprise me, for some sad reason.
  • I’m not sure why, but the Huntsville Times takes a look at Joe Cox.
  • Chris Low makes his list of the top five running backs in the SEC for 2009, and Caleb King is on it.

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  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Half of me wants to chide Low for including Caleb King on his list, but the other half of me would have probably cried about a lack of respect for UGA if he hadn’t included him.