The recession doesn’t exist at Cowboys Stadium.

Holy Mother of Crap, these ticket prices are breathtaking.

College football fans will soon discover that watching their favorite teams at the Cowboys’ new stadium will come at a steep price.

Top ticket prices have been set at $300 for the Arkansas-Texas A&M game in October and $250 for the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. The debut college game Sept. 5 between the University of Oklahoma and Brigham Young University will cost $150 for the best seats.

Those prices apply to suites as well as the lower levels between the end zones on both sides of the field, known as club seating. Prices are set by the schools and Cotton Bowl organizers, not the Cowboys.

“At any stadium in the country, suites and club seats come at premium price,” said Bill Byrne, Texas A&M’s athletic director. “The design of Cowboys Stadium is unique as the best lower level seats are suites and club level seats.”

Student tickets for the Oct. 3 Arkansas-A&M game are $50 for end zone seats, but other reserved seats range from $85 to $300.

Three hundred bucks to watch two teams that weren’t even bowl eligible last season…  wow.  It makes you wonder what they’re gonna charge for a Coke and a hot dog.


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5 responses to “The recession doesn’t exist at Cowboys Stadium.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Sure the prices are set by the schools but they in turn have to pay for use of the stadium, so technically they are set by the Cowboys.


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