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Even Fox doesn’t want to listen to Thom Brennaman call BCS games anymore.

Talk about throwing in the towel

Speaking of the BCS: Will FOX Sports televise the final year of its contract? Remember that back in 2007 FOX jumped into the BCS sweepstakes and took it away from ABC by paying $80 million a year. When the contract came up for bid last year, ESPN outbid FOX by putting up $125 million a year for 2010-13. FOX has one more season, 2009, on its current deal to televise the BCS games. But there are some rumblings that FOX could sell those 2009 rights to ESPN if the Worldwide Leader made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.  Because the BCS championship game is being hosted by the Rose Bowl this season, it will be on ABC, of which ESPN is a part.  Stay tuned on this one.

Not that I’m complaining here.  Indeed, Fox should be congratulated for seeing the error of its ways.  Hell, throw it a little TARP money if that’ll help make this happen.



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Saturday morning buffet, all Georgia edition

I found enough odds and ends dressed in red and black to keep this post exclusively Dawgly:

You guys won 10 games last season. But when you’re ranked No. 1 going into the year and fail to play in the SEC championship game or a BCS bowl game, nobody obviously is going to be happy. How disappointing was last season given the expectations?

JC: The most disappointing thing, when you consider how much hype we had coming in and we didn’t do as well as we expected, was that it wasn’t something that made everybody mad. That’s what we’re trying to get right now, an attitude that our backs are against the wall and we’ve got to earn everything. There were times last year I thought when things were going bad that people started hanging their heads. It was like we got in a rut and couldn’t get out.


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