Saturday morning buffet, all Georgia edition

I found enough odds and ends dressed in red and black to keep this post exclusively Dawgly:

You guys won 10 games last season. But when you’re ranked No. 1 going into the year and fail to play in the SEC championship game or a BCS bowl game, nobody obviously is going to be happy. How disappointing was last season given the expectations?

JC: The most disappointing thing, when you consider how much hype we had coming in and we didn’t do as well as we expected, was that it wasn’t something that made everybody mad. That’s what we’re trying to get right now, an attitude that our backs are against the wall and we’ve got to earn everything. There were times last year I thought when things were going bad that people started hanging their heads. It was like we got in a rut and couldn’t get out.


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6 responses to “Saturday morning buffet, all Georgia edition

  1. heytogoober

    I love it Dawgy in the morning.

    Did the chair have a five inch cushion?


  2. Macallanlover

    I always thought Washington’s injury was the first key loss that would affect the 2008 season….if only it had stopped there. We really missed him being able to help Ellerbe in the middle, and certainly could have been crucial after the injury against Bama.

    I knoiw many dismiss talk about the injuries as excuses, but when you look at the total carnage, you just cannot minimize the impact on last year’s team physical and mental stability. Look at what the loss of ONE offensive lineman did to Alabama in the bowl game. Shifting players around to new postions and splitting their practice reps can disrupt harmony, and lead to doubt which leads to mistakes/penalties as a result of the uncertainty. It was a dramatically different Bama unit against Utah, and it wasn’t all about how good Utah was, or how unprepared Saban had them. UGA dealt with that all season long, it takes it’s toll. With players the caliber of Washington, Owens, Sturdivant back this year we get more than experience, we get quality depth at several positions which keeps players fresh and focused on one task.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Bama didn’t lose to Utah because of Andre Smith’s absence. They lost because Utah threw defensive schemes at them that they hadn’t shown all season.

    They overloaded their pressures to one side, forcing linemen in space to choose between 3 defenders to block. Wilson rushed his throws to avoid getting killed, and the soft zone behind the pressure had a field day.

    It was beautiful to watch from an X’s and O’s standpoint.


  4. Bobafet7

    I was just re-watching losts last episode “Namaste” when I noticed Hurley was wearing a Georgia Bulldog sweatshirt which he got from Sawyer. Apparently the actor who plays Sawyer (Josh Holloway) went to UGA. Now that’s some “free advertising” that wont come back to bit you in the fall. I found a screen cap on Dancing in the Endzone


  5. RedCrake

    Kyle Chandler on Friday Night Lights is a Dawg as well… One of the best things about that show.


  6. Rusi

    I am not one who believes in signs….but I am going to take the chair thing as a sign.