Honoring the Greatest Politician of our Era

Perhaps you’ll recall this comment from a few days ago.

Corrine Brown’s speech goes up next to [the Tebow plaque at the Swamp] next week to complete the two most famous speeches in Gator history.

Looking good, baby. [h/t – where else? – EDSBS]

Thats one smart-looking plaque.

That's one smart-looking plaque.


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9 responses to “Honoring the Greatest Politician of our Era

  1. Dawg93

    I shudder to think what the internet would be without LSUFreek.


  2. I just spit my tea all over my monitor. God Bless ya LSUFreek.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Wow, I made the GTP Hall of Fame.


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  5. DawgBiscuit

    Beautiful. Thank you, LSUFreek.


  6. godawg

    Seeing it written out like that takes it to a whole new level of incredibility. Eat your heart out Cynthia…


  7. Barry

    An awe-inspiring speech, similar in all respects to the Gettysburg Address. Now we just have to see the plaques installed at the Gator Memorial in Washington D.C., just above the preserved foreskins of those lucky Filipino children.


  8. digidy dawg

    I’m glad somebody put it in writing. When I saw the video I couldn’t understand her. I would like to gradulate U.S Rep. Corrines Browney for sorch a fine speak. Way to represent. Clearly a Florida grad.


  9. Atlchris

    She has a MASTERS DEGREE from UF in public speaking… Wow…