Tuesday morning buffet

Tasty, if not nourishing…

  • The GPOOE™’s new position coach says he’s a rock star.  Sounds like a bee-you-tee-ful friendship.
  • I went on spring break, and all I got was this lousy playbook.
  • David Hale’s got a nice post up about “The Georgia Way” – how the Dawgs begin preparing their incoming recruits for the program.
  • Speaking of prepping, it looks like Georgia’s not the only program claiming that its players are taking things to a new level of intensity this spring.
  • Over at Team Speed Kills, Year2 makes a convincing case that Steve Spurrier is just another head coach now.
  • Maybe it was a disappointing year for Georgia football, but at least I’m not asking this musical question.
  • Today’s most creative argument for why college football needs a playoff award goes to Ken Goe of The Oregonian:  SEC fans care about their football teams more than Pac-10 fans do, which means that Pac-10 schools get placed in lousier bowls.  And that inequity can only be fixed by – you guessed it – a playoff involving at least 20 schools.
  • And Chris Brown weighs in on what, if anything, Matt Stafford’s high score on the Wonderlic means (answer – probably not much).  Honestly, though, just check it out for the killer lede.


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2 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. The Realist

    Any argument from the Pac-10 about the bowl system is ridiculous. They are crippled by the mutual dedication with the Rose Bowl. If you want the Rose Bowl to blow through the roof, invite an SEC team out there to play USC.

    Pac-10’s bowls:
    Las Vegas Bowl – Las Vegas
    Emerald Bowl – San Francisco
    Holiday Bowl – San Diego
    Sun Bowl – El Paso
    Rose Bowl – Pasadena

    The Pac 10 gets virtual home games for its bowl games. If it wants higher profile bowls and bigger payouts, it should be willing to venture outside of the friendly confines of the West Coast. Set up a matchup on the East Coast in Miami or Orlando.

    What I don’t understand is why the Holiday Bowl is not a NYD bowl. PAC #2 vs. Big XII #3 is a matchup worthy of New Year’s Day.

    Finally, I like how the “at least 20 teams” is such a throwaway line. He makes the comment without reasoning at the very end of the post. It’s like EDSBS posting “ERIN ANDREWS NAKED” over and over as a joke to get google search hits…



  2. Irishdawg

    “SEC fans care about their football teams more than Pac-10 fans do, which means that Pac-10 schools get placed in lousier bowls.”

    Whose fault is that? Just because West Coasters are too busy surfing or protesting logging companies to generate large fan turnout, Pac-10 teams deserve better bowls? The bowl committees should just ignore the fact that the Pac-10 is basically USC and a stable of OK to awful teams, I guess.