Riding Kiffin’s coattails at the AJ-C

Tony Barnhart may have gone the early buyout route at the AJ-C last year, but he’s playing straight out of the paper’s online playbook with today’s post.  It’s not the subject matter, which is little more than the “Junior – Crazy Like A Fox!” meme that’s making the rounds, it’s that Barnhart presents it with a twist, as the header indicates:

Kiffin takes page from Spurrier’s playbook

Uh huh.  You know, obnoxious coach takes one for the team and all that.  (Except that Spurrier came out of the gate in Gainesville going 9-2.  Nobody in his right mind is expecting anything near that for UT this season.)  It’s a trite comparison, but no matter – we’re only in it for the page hits and comments anyway!


UPDATE: Terence Moore gets in on the act.


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3 responses to “Riding Kiffin’s coattails at the AJ-C

  1. Speaking of comments…

    It’s worth mentioning that when Spurrier came to the SEC he had a winning record at a “smart” school known for basketball.

    KiffyBaby comes from a failing NFL program where he had a win total most of us could count to when we were two years old.


  2. Please – two things to upset me evening meal – the words Terence and Moore. Please don’t click on to his site!


  3. heytogoober

    Oh … if Terence Moore is into the meme, then it may be worth thinking about. Like the little green men …


    Idiot … if they kept him during today’s layoffs, that’s a severe injustice.