Friday morning buffet

Pick and choose, folks.

  • No hats, no service in the Auburn athletic complex?  I guess Trooper Taylor’s going to miss a few meals.
  • Oh, puh-leeze.
  • Urban Meyer takes the credit/blame for the Tebow plaque.  He’s not saying anything about Corrine Brown, though.
  • Mark Bradley admits he likes football played indoors, so I can understand most of the hackery in this post, but one of his objections to the “Jacksonville experience”, as he puts it, is “the meanness between fans”.  Does he really expect that to be different if the game is played at the Dome?
  • Say what you will, you’ve got to admire Allyson Ogletree’s promotional skills.
  • Is the scheduling of 1-AA cupcakes starting to get a bit out of hand?  Abso-freakin’-lutely.
  • I’ve never understood the whining about the  GPOOE™’s shortcomings as to playing solely out of the shotgun, but I don’t see the upside to this, either.


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3 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Joe

    I bet UF does not run 3 plays from under center all season. Why would they? The entire offense is predicated on the threat of Tebow running on any play, and by putting him in the shotgun, that threat is limited.


  2. Richt-Flair

    One of the comments in the Tebow article criticized Tebow’s little fake step play action. Honestly, it’s probably the best play action in college football, because as dumb as it looks, the safeties always bite on it. If the guy is his own running threat, why worry about being under center, besides the looks from the NFL?


  3. Will Q

    “Meanness between fans”? Hell, that’s one of the best things about college football.