Kiffin watch: thank you for being a friend.

I’m not sure if this was said tongue-in-cheek or not (and don’t forget that the earlier quote about Richt attributed to Junior turned out to be bogus), but if it’s true, it’s a little strange.

A reporter joked with Mark Richt before Thursday’s news conference that Lane Kiffin had called Richt “a good buddy.”

The compliment might have seemed a bit odd after Kiffin had reportedly made some less-than-kind statements about Richt’s recruiting abilities earlier this year, but the Georgia coach at least attempted to appreciate the olive branch.

“Well, that’s good,” Rich said with a wry smile. “I need friends.”

Maybe the Laner’s starting to worry that none of the other kids will sit with him at SEC Media Days.


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5 responses to “Kiffin watch: thank you for being a friend.

  1. HVL Dawg

    Remember when Ray Goff said, ” Shoot, me and Steve are prolly best friends.”?


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Wonder if he considers Urban a “good buddy” now.


  3. Ty Durden

    kiffin is quickly becoming the Eric Cartman of the SEC. Nobody really likes him, but because we know nobody else like shim we just tolerate his bullshit which equates to a good laugh now and then


  4. Ally

    FWIW, if you listen to his interview from the other day on 790 The Zone (which is currently on their website btw) he could not have heaped more praise on Richt & the program. He said:

    “Coach has done an an unbelievable job there at the University of Georgia and the run that they’ve had and they hit on all cylinders last year on offense putting up a bunch of big numbers and I just think he does it such a first class way. Its really a model of how to do things….Everyone you talk to that’s been around him, or has come in contact with him, including Coach Dungy, speaks extremely high of him.”

    As much as I think Lane is a worm, his compliments of Georgia and CMR were incredibly gracious & sounded sincere. Not saying the “good buddy” remark didn’t happen, just saying there’s recent evidence to the contrary.


  5. Oneviewdawg

    So, like does this mean Kiffin is less a worm if he says good things about our school?

    While all this interest in UT’s new coach is sometimes amusing, the only thing that matters is what happens when we play them.

    Personally I hope he is moved to say something outrageous to the sideline babe going into the locker room at the half….like

    “Well, golly, my good buddy Mark is just beating the living snot outa us…I gotta go ask Daddy how come they are 38 points ahead in two quarters.”