That’s gonna leave a mark.

Here’s a scary thought:  Rennie Curran says one of his goals is “being more violent in my tackling”.



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4 responses to “That’s gonna leave a mark.

  1. G.O.B.

    He’s already proven he can make tackles. The stats he needs to start thinking about for the coming season are “Bones Broken,” “Concussions Administered,” “Highlight Reels Headlined” and “Little Children Sent Screaming and Crying from the Stadium/Living Room.”


  2. Curran’s comment is kind of like Mike Tyson saying “I should stop trying to hold my anger in all the time” or mid-’80s Eddie Murphy saying “I’m tired of censoring myself in my stand-up, I should really just let loose.”

    I’m really, really looking forward to the first time Bryce Brown gets to meet Rennie on the field this season.


  3. baltimore dawg

    i like rennie pretty much the way he is because he’s a fast, sure-handed tackler–i wouldn’t say he’s a particularly violent bringer-of-wood, but that doesn’t make him any less effective of a ball stopper. of course, if he can keep taking good angles, not miss tackles, and jack somebody the hell up–sure, i’m all for that. but i wouldn’t want to see him acquire reshad’s mentality from last season either.

    actually, i’d the say the glaring shortcoming of his game is in coverage–he tends to get lost in space, as they say, but he runs so well he can close on guys out there.


  4. Robert

    Ask Rudy Carpenter how violent he is…

    –Rennie is the new 47. A spark plug.