You can take your head away from his butt now.

Things aren’t going swimmingly with the I-formation package at Florida’s spring practice.

”That I-package, I’m not sure how long that will be sticking around here,” Meyer said. “You want to have it in, but like I said four years ago when I walked on this campus, we don’t really have an offense. It’s an offense based on what we have, so we can run [the I-formation] all we want, but if the players struggle . . . we won’t run [it].”

Urban ain’t stupid.  Getting Tebow under center to make NFL scouts calmer is one thing.  Screwing up Florida’s offense is another.


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4 responses to “You can take your head away from his butt now.

  1. DawgBiscuit

    Translation: critics of Tebow’s (in)ability to operate under center are correct.


  2. Robert


    –Is that different than the Me-formation that Tebow is used to running?


  3. Aligator

    okay people, they are going to give it a whirl, but for sure the fast break no huddle will stay and the i formation package will be another small wrinkle for other teams …


  4. Why not just use it against OOC opponents, Kentucky, Vandy, etc. Ditch it for big games.


    ps great blog