Kiffin watch: just wins, baby!

It looks like Tennessee’s hit upon one of the tried and true ways of puffing up the ol’ win total.

In 2010, for the first time in 27 years, Tennessee will play a football game against a program from the lower division:  the Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks.  (The previous 1-AA opponent was The Citadel in 1983.)  For those keeping score:

  • This is the first 1-AA team since roughly ten years prior to Fulmer’s ascension to head coach.
  • Tennessee is the last SEC team to play a 1-AA team since the league expanded to 12 teams.
  • Reasons cited for the move were (a) tougher scheduling of gimme 1-A teams (a/k/a rising prices of 1-A cupcakes) and (b) a desire to keep the money in-state.
  • If you’re prone to snark over this move, keep in mind the very next opponent that Tennessee plays – Oregon.  Then immediately after the Oregon game, Florida comes to town.

And since Georgia fans are invited to take a swipe at this, here goes mine:  Vol fans, this is what happens when your program struggles with its in state rival.  Salut!



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5 responses to “Kiffin watch: just wins, baby!

  1. Scott

    Like UGA struggled with GaTech last year?


    • Yeah. Georgia struggles with Tech frequently. But, then again, Tech’s been ranked, hasn’t had a losing season in several years, played in the ACCCG, etc. Florida has to deal with FSU as its in state rival. The Seminoles have accomplished a few things. What’s on the Vanderbilt resume right now – one winning season in 26 years?

      My point is that the Vandy-Tennessee competitive gap has narrowed in the past few seasons, so welcome to the wonderful world of 1-AA football. Congrats!


      • kckd

        This is why the whole UT plays big time opponents outside the conference thing bothered me. They have absolutely no rival outside the conference. They don’t have to worry like we do or UF, that their rival is gonna be a top 15 team or in UF’s case, a juggernaut.

        If they schedule a big time OOC game, they know that’s all they’ll have to face.

        There is a guy on a UT message board who has made fun of UGA for years now for schedule IAA opponents. As if the Nevada’s, Wyoming’s (they did lose last year) and other 100 to 120 type IA teams they play at home are any better competition.


  2. MacAttack

    We don’t have much room to talk considering our games against Vandy the last 3 years have been…..uh….close?


  3. hokieglenn

    I think UGa is going to have its hands full with GT for many years to come. Much more so than UT and Vandy.

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