Thursday morning buffet

Some tasty morsels out there, ready to be sampled:

  • The Sports Business Journal has an interesting article on the World Wide Leader’s manuvering with regard to boosting the presence of ESPNU (h/t Capstone Report).  Why should we care?  Quite simply, because of this:  “The channel, which launched in the spring of 2005, has been at the center of ESPN’s most recent media deals. ESPNU will pick up a significant part of ESPN’s SEC schedule and is expected to run shoulder programming that supports ESPN’s BCS package.”
  • Over at Capstone Report, you’ll find this post laying out the athletic department budgets for every school in the SEC except for Vandy, a private school that doesn’t disclose, and Alabama, a Nick Saban school that doesn’t disclose.  Good stuff, and I hope they’ll go back in a year or two after the new TV revenues have been fed into the system to see what effect those have had on these budgets.
  • Chris, over at Smart Football, offers some more thoughts on the whole NFL-scouts-versus-system-quarterbacks debate.  He thinks the concern is a bit overblown and that the scouts need to work harder or get out of the way.  I think that’s valid to some extent, but check out the third comment to his post for some solid points on the other side of the discussion.
  • And speaking of Smart Football, I love wading through stuff like this.
  • People are noticing that attendance at the first two rounds of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was down and wondering if there’s a lesson from that to be applied to the football postseason.


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7 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Brian

    Just wait until next year’s combine when the dialogue shifts from “Tebow’s a system QB” to “OMFG he did 32 reps on the bench press, 1st round pick!!!”


  2. capstonereport

    Thanks for the link. Alabama finally provided 2007-2008 numbers last night (that was about two weeks after my first request.) I’ll get 2008-2009 numbers in July when the new fiscal year starts.

    Maybe. 🙂


  3. Irishdawg

    I read the comment on spread QBs vs. NFL style QBs and couldn’t find a thing to disagree with (except I think Colt McCoy’s arm is a little better than this guy is giving him credit for). Pro offenses rely on timing and pre-snap reads, plus NFL defenses are generally much faster than college ones.

    Question: what were Alex Smith’s passing numbers like? Minus the running, was he as good at running the spread as Tebow? Smith has been a complete bust in the NFL. It might not be a fair comparison, but it’s one that can’t be ignored completely.


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  5. MacAttack

    If you want a kick, google old articles talking about the Ryan Leaf/Peyton Manning debate

    Hilarious to see scouts drooling over Leaf as the “total package”….yes, they said that

    In today’s world, people love to nit-pick and over-exaggerate and MS is getting slammed by such things ESPECIALLY by so many who I would be willing to bet rarely saw MS play


  6. ugafish

    Surely cable will go along with adding ESPNU into more homes, at least in the southeast. I cant wait for more SEC TV, esp in baseball.


  7. I find it humorous every time a blogger attempts to build an argument for why Tim Tebow or (enter favorite spread QB name here) is every bit the NFL prospect that the pro-style QB’s are. Usually their arguments are based on completely subjective arguments laced with conjecture and broad generalizations. Case in point, the smart football guy’s comment about NFL scouts not really knowing anything based on a vague reference to a scout “drooling” over Chase Daniels. The 3rd comment down was right on the money.

    But Brian is right, Tebow is going to be hyped into outerspace next year. But it might be really interesting to watch some film of his combine and pro-day workouts and seeing if he can do 3 and 5 step drops without tripping over himself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drop back.