I need some wheels.

Wonder what Andrew Zimbalist would say about this:

UW football players used scholarship funds earmarked for housing and food to purchase mopeds, and in some cases, cars.

Senior Jonathan Casillas told 27 News the practice of ciphoning money from room and board uses made sense.

“Once you get to your second, third year, you start learning what’s cheap (housing), what’s expensive.   Maybe live with somebody and split the rent.    And hopefully you can get a moped, or maybe even a car.   Some people got cars.”

Casillas told 27 News he bought his moped from a housing scholarship stipend.   Casillas was also arrested on that moped for alleged first offense drunk driving.   Casillas has a plea hearing scheduled for April 22.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with this (buying the moped, that is, not the drunk driving), as long as no rules are being broken.  Hell, these kids are learning how to manage their resources carefully.  Is that such a bad thing?



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4 responses to “I need some wheels.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Agreed. If many of the same people out here overborrowing on homes and cars would learn how to manage money like these UW players then they would’ve been better off. But most likely they will scolded for it anyway.


  2. The Realist

    Totally agree. They are given a stipend within the allowable rules. How they spend that stipend, within certain parameters, should be up to them. I give kudos for the having the savvy to do this with their money.

    Now for the drinking… If you are an athlete, there is no excuse for you drinking in public. First of all, you are fairly conspicuous since you are likely bigger than everyone around you. With that much attention, you are only doing yourself a disservice to become intoxicated in front of strangers. If you choose to drink, do so in the privacy of your own home, or someone else’s home that you know. Go to private parties, and always have a lifeline. There are too many people that would bend over backwards to make sure you get home safely for you to be out driving while intoxicated. The police are serious about DUI’s, and even more so in a college town.


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  4. Peacedog

    If the school wants a certain portion of a stipend to go towards some specific need, it should word the contract thusly (and I thought that basically that was already done with food and housing to some degree).

    I’m all for letting the kids spend the actual stipend how they chose. IF that means ramen noodles and a bitching Scooter, have a it son.