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Rumor sets the woods on fire.

This isn’t a football post per se, but it still bears writing.

If you’ve been following the Georgia message boards and the comment threads at the blogs, like Paul’s and David’s, that tracked the ups and downs of Damon’s search for a new basketball coach, you likely caught the large number of the Bulldawg faithful freaking out over the rumor that Evans was going to meet with Miami’s Frank Haith in Detroit during Final Four week.

Well, guess what?  Haith was never in Detroit this week.  He stayed home.



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“Go for it, Roy! Just knock it on!”

Coach Fabris is wistful.

… Georgia assistant coach Jon Fabris watched every kick on the DVD that recent signee Brandon Bogotay sent to Bulldogs coaches.

The Bulldogs have often relied on using directional kicks on kickffs toward the side of the field, but Fabris wouldn’t object to having a player being able to boot it out of the end zone.

“I’ve never had a guy who could kick it out of the end zone consistently,” said Fabris, who oversees the kickoff unit. “The key thing whether you’re a guy that kicks for distance, kicks for height or kicks for placement, what are you and what can you do consistently? Even Billy Bennett did not have a strong leg kicking off, but was very accurate. At least guys knew what to do and where things were going to be.”

At least.


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