“Go for it, Roy! Just knock it on!”

Coach Fabris is wistful.

… Georgia assistant coach Jon Fabris watched every kick on the DVD that recent signee Brandon Bogotay sent to Bulldogs coaches.

The Bulldogs have often relied on using directional kicks on kickffs toward the side of the field, but Fabris wouldn’t object to having a player being able to boot it out of the end zone.

“I’ve never had a guy who could kick it out of the end zone consistently,” said Fabris, who oversees the kickoff unit. “The key thing whether you’re a guy that kicks for distance, kicks for height or kicks for placement, what are you and what can you do consistently? Even Billy Bennett did not have a strong leg kicking off, but was very accurate. At least guys knew what to do and where things were going to be.”

At least.



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5 responses to ““Go for it, Roy! Just knock it on!”

  1. JasonC

    Don’t know if you saw this, but in a recent article Richt was talking about the G-Day Game and he said that it would be run like a real game with shorter quarters and every phase of the game… except kickoffs.

    I am hoping that is because they have been working on some new plan and they don’t want to show it, because if they are sticking with the old plan, they could use any help they can find to get better. (Yes, I know that injuries is probably the main reason to avoid kickoffs during scrimages.)


  2. MacAttack

    Last season was an absolute disgrace kickoff wise

    How could our coaches just stand by and watch the other team start at the 50 yard line every f’ing time?


  3. Ally

    Jason, I don’t think Bogotay is on campus yet & if he is its only been what, 2 weeks?

    What would be the point of watching Blair Walsh drown in the misery of kicking it out of bounds….again…while televised on espn across the country?

    I’d much rather just wait & see what Bogotay can do or what the competition of Bogotay vs Walsh will produce this summer.

    And as far as a plan…do you know Coach Fab? Have you seen his body of work? The only plan he has, as evidenced in the above interview, is either we get someone who can kick it out of bounds “consistently” or he goes back to the misery inducing directional kicking. That’s all he knows and those are our choices.

    Either Bogotay wows the world with his bionic leg or we pray to God our defense can hold when continually handed poor field position. There’s your plan.


  4. korndawg

    I’m pretty sure that kickoffs aren’t done at the spring game as a rule. I can’t remember ever seeing them at G-Day, but I’ve only been going for the past 5 years.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    As good as he is as a DE coach, Fabris is equally horrid on kickoff coaching.

    What a joke.