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Kiffin watch: back to Pahokee

According to this article, Tennessee is chasing three recruits from Pahokee, Florida for next year’s class, so either the locals have gotten over the Nu’Keese Richardson flap, or Junior’s decided he doesn’t much care what they think.  Or both.


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Ask, but don’t tell. Right.

Miles Brand takes a moment to consider John Calipari’s new contract with Kentucky and doesn’t like what he sees.  He knows what he’d like to do, but also knows he can’t.

“You have to ask some very hard questions, whether this is really in tune with the academic values, whether we’ve reached a point already that these high salary and packages for coaches has really extended beyond what’s expected within the academic community,” NCAA president Myles Brand said.

“Those questions really have to be asked. Now, we can’t answer them; it’s anti-trust if we were to try to regulate any salaries. But I would hope our university presidents and our conferences would ask those questions themselves.”

Now keep in mind that this is coming from the guy who has presided over the commercialization of the men’s basketball tourney – and what that’s got to do with what’s expected “within the academic community” escapses me.  What I love about Brand’s observation is the “ask questions, but don’t answer them” suggestion.  It’s not collusion if nobody answers, right?  Just ask major league baseball owners how well that worked.


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