Everybody talks about toughness, but it takes a Chizik to do something about it.

Look out, Tiger quarterbacks, it’s open season!

The Auburn coaches applied some extra pressure to their three quarterbacks, with a little help from the Tigers’ pass rushers. Kodi Burns, Neil Caudle and Barrett Trotter all saw action during the portion of Saturday’s 90-play scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium when they were fair game for the defense and not protected from contact as usual…

Yeah, get after it.  Auburn ran the ball a lot and “got physical”.  Chizik tells us why that was necessary.

“There’s some means to the madness,” Chizik said. “We’ve got to get back to that physical mentality, and I think the kids responded.”

Why, it’s déjà vu all over again, I tells ya!  When’s the last time Auburn held a spring practice where the head man said nothing about trying to get his charges back to that “physical mentality”?

It sure as hell wasn’t last year.

The biggest difference, Tuberville said of Franklin, “is he’s going to set up the run by passing the ball. We’ve set up the pass by running the ball. I don’t doubt it’s going to work, but we’re still going to be a physical team. We’re going to run the ball more than we’re going to throw it.

Auburn will remain a physical offensive team.

“I’m a defensive coach and I know you have to be physical in practice to help your defense,” Tuberville said. “You can’t get better in games on defense. You have to practice hard and practice physical. We’ll have a lot of two-back in our offense next year.”

That worked out well, didn’t it?

Note to Gene:  concern about your guys being physical is great, but I think I’d worry about having the same batch of QBs back from last season that racked up the 106th best showing in passing efficiency more.


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