Domination, thy name isn’t Florida.

Michael Elkon’s got an intriguing post up in response to a poll question at about which college team has been the most dominant in its sport this decade.  The choices are fairly shallow, in my opinion – UConn women’s basketball, USC football, Florida football, or UNC basketball – and I agree with Michael’s reasoning in whittling down the list to Southern Cal.  (Besides, if we’re going to argue about dominance in women’s athletics this decade, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting in Athens with the gymnastics program.)

But of course it’s the Florida reference that gets me.  Michael’s got a chart of the winningest programs of this decade.  And it’s worth a peek here:

  1. Boise State – 0.85217
  2. Texas – 0.84348
  3. Oklahoma – 0.84298
  4. Southern Cal – 0.80870
  5. Ohio State – 0.79825
  6. Georgia – 0.77586
  7. Louisiana State – 0.76923
  8. Virginia Tech – 0.75424
  9. Florida – 0.75000
  10. Texas Christian – 0.74775

Our (potential) team of the decade only sports the third best winning percentage in the SEC over that time?  That’s one weird-assed definition of dominance.

Speaking of teams with better winning percentages, there sits Georgia at number six, ahead of two of its conference peers which both sport dual MNCs this decade.  There’s something to be said about bad timing and Elkon says this:

… How different would our discussion be if Georgia had found its way into the national title game in 2002 and then won it? Moreover, if we accept the maxim that winning a national title requires a significant amount of luck, isn’t Georgia just unlucky? After all, Georgia went 12-1 in 2002 and didn’t get to play for the national title because two major conference teams went unbeaten, but LSU and Florida got to play for the title in 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008 with one loss (and in one case, two losses). And that’s before we get to the point that Georgia could have been a one-loss team in 2005 absent the D.J. Shockley injury, but they still would have been frozen out of the title game because they would have again had the misfortune of being a one-loss SEC champion in a year in which two major programs went unbeaten.

Yeah, sad but true (and remember that Georgia lost to Auburn on a flukey, last-minute play in a game when DJ was still shaking out the rust from missing the previous game and a half, so the results arguably might have been even closer than Michael posits).  On such turns are Stewart Mandel’s Montana friends’ minds made up.

I will say this, though.  While I don’t see Florida as the dominant team of the decade, if the Gators win the BCS title game again this season, there won’t be any doubt in my mind about who the dominant coach of this decade is.  As much as I’ll hate to admit it.


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22 responses to “Domination, thy name isn’t Florida.

  1. 2001-2005

    I don’t exist. Never happened. La la la, can’t hear you.


  2. Irishdawg

    “I’m starting in Athens with the gymnastics program”

    No doubt. Outside of Iowa wrestling or UCLA basketball under John Wooden, I can’t think of another sports program, male or female, as consistently dominating as the Gym Dogs.


    • JasonC

      Without looking up stats, I believe the Gym Dogs have finished in the top 5 every year for the past 20 years and have won 8-10 National Championships. For the first 10 of those 20 years, it was either Bama, Utah or UGA every year.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    UNC women’s soccer.

    On another note, I just threw up remembering the ’05 Auburn game. Thanks, Senator.


  4. Robert

    How the hell did we let Brandon Cox beat us?

    — Jeez.


    • Derek

      Because Tra Battle was playing while unconscious and no one knew it. We were supposed to be in cover two and Tra blitzed. Tra should have been right where the ball was thrown on the play. If you watch the replay, Paul Oliver releases the WR into Tra’s zone but there is no Tra. Battle misssed the next week with a concussion. Just very, very, very bad luck.


    • Robert

      Exactly. Luck.

      –At least Paul Oliver helped make it a little more interesting.


      • Tough, tough loss. The Battle play is what everyone remembers, for obvious reasons. But the truth is, Al Borges pulled Willie’s pants down that whole game. DJ was playing out of his mind, we scored 30 points, and lost. That was the first game under Richt that we lost when scoring more than 18. If Auburn ran one play-action bootleg that night, then they must have run a thousand.

        During the near-debacle against Colorado the next year, I just remember thinking that Dan “Go play intramurals!!” Hawkins must have studied that 05 Auburn tape for months.


  5. MacAttack

    Florida deserves it and I feel sick saying that

    2 NC’s with a great, great QB will do that

    UF and Meyer get their name on TV and in the national spotlight all the time and it pays of even more when they win titles

    Until Richt wins a NC, he will never be looked upon as one of the nations best ACROSS THE COUNTRY.


  6. Macallanlover

    This is exactly why the “faux” national title should NEVER be recognized by CFB fans. UGA, LSU, and Florida have each won two SEC titles (highest available title that can be earned on the field of play), and while that is impressive, it is certainly not dominent on a national scale. Florida has the 9th best winning record, how is that considered dominence by even the Blue and Orange faithful? Clearly they have been among the best, just like UGA and LSU.

    I really don’t feel anyone has earned that adjective in CFB, but USC would have to be the leader over the past decade. Sure, they don’t play as many tough matchups, but it isn’t their fault the rest of the PAC 10 has slipped to average. You have to respect Pete Carroll, USC will play anyone home and home so they know they need more than a weak conference title and an inept ND win to get the respect they desire.


  7. ArchDawg

    Yeah, the team of this decade is weighted more towards USC then UF. And it’s not my dislike of UF that colors that:

    7 Straight Conference Titles
    2 National Championships (1 being undefeated)
    6-1 in BCS bowls
    3 Heisman Winners

    I mean, between USC and UF there’s no argument unless you’re talking the last three years. LSU has just as much–if not more of–a claim to team of the decade than UF as well. USC is putting on a run that is FSU-90’s like (and they’re only halfway there–man, that run was ridiculous!)


  8. Aligator

    people, since 1990 the gators have the highest winning % in college football ..


    • Ah, yes, 1990. The year when every Gator fan believes college football got its official start. 😉


      • Aligator

        no actually that is the year we started to kick ass and take names … before that we wer getting by and cheating all the time …


    • Awesome. Was this post about the Team since 1990, or the Team of the Decade?


      • Aligator

        okay we had ron zook to deal with too, so who really gives a shiite about the decade, we got two nc’s this decade and you got none ..


        • Macallanlover

          So how was middle school today aligator? You really should be studying and not playing on the puter. Way over your head here lad. Staying on point would be a good beginning for you when interacting with adults.

          Another idea for you, if you don’t like the subject, simply don’t reply. Responding outside the subject area makes you look very stupid…best to try and disguise that (although wearing that blue and orange jersey with the jean shorts and mullet is a giveaway.) If you can only talk about football since 1990, better stick to the UF boards, other schools’ fans aren’t quite so shallow.


  9. Irishdawg

    “Ah, yes, 1990. The year when every Gator fan believes college football got its official start”

    Damn, you beat me to it.

    I wonder how many current Gator fans were donning FSU garnet in the 90s. Quite a few, I’ll wager.


  10. Aligator

    i was donning the old red and black forever and then Coach Dooley retired …