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College Football News does a nice job here posting the SEC composite schedule for this season.

October 10 looks like a good day to make sure your cable is working.  Here’s the slate of games:

Alabama at Ole Miss
Auburn at Arkansas
Florida at LSU
Georgia at Tennessee
Kentucky at South Carolina
Houston at Mississippi State
Vanderbilt at Army

What shapes up as a potential Western Division elimination game, Gus Malzahn’s return to Arky, a matchup between the last two national champs and Georgia’s first taste of Junior all should make for a very entertaining day.

You wanna know how weak the SEC’s non-conference scheduling is this year?  Check out CFN’s top ten list of OOC games.  Georgia makes the list three times and #10 is this gem:  LSU at Washington.  Pretty pathetic.

CFN also breaks down the schedules for each team in the SEC East here.  Here’s what they have to say about Georgia’s:

… Georgia’s reputation for being one of the nation’s best road teams will be put to the test right away with a statement game against an Oklahoma State that’ll likely start the season in the top ten and will likely finish the season in the top five offensively. Along with the OSU game, facing Arizona State and going to Georgia Tech means the Dawgs have the toughest non-conference slate of any SEC team by far … by far. There’s a tough three-week mid-season stretch against LSU, at Tennessee and at Vanderbilt (who should be better this year), but there’s a week off before the Cocktail Party against Florida. Getting Auburn and Kentucky at home, along with a layup against Tennessee Tech, will make for a relatively easy November before the regular season-ending game against the Yellow Jackets.

I think that’s pretty accurate, at least from the vantage point of April.  Let’s hope that the timing of that week off is as fortuitous as we expect.

Speaking of weeks off, whoever got paid to put Vandy’s schedule together should refund the money.  No bye week, and this Bataan Death March to run out the season:

Oct. 17 Georgia
Oct. 24 at South Carolina
Oct. 31 Georgia Tech
Nov. 7 at Florida
Nov. 14 Kentucky
Nov. 21 at Tennessee

That doesn’t look fun.



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3 responses to “More schedule stuff

  1. NM

    Well, you know how Vandy’s schedule will play out, because it’s always the same — they’ll win most of their early games, losing one or two (to LSU and probably Ole Miss this year), but people will only look at the4-2 or 5-1 record and say, “Watch out for the sleeper out of Nashville!”

    Then it all comes crashing down and they’re left having to beat UK and UT to get bowl eligible.


  2. The Realist

    Vanderbilt (who should be better this year)

    I think we should just go ahead and change Vandy’s name to include the parenthetical “who should be better this year.” Steve Martin is doing a helluva job up there, all things considered.


  3. MacAttack

    Evans should be ashamed putting together this year schedule

    Even though ASU probably won’t be great, adding him WITH OSU is….just suicide with this team