“This year we’re hoping all of that is going to pay off.”

Tony Barnhart talked with Mike Bobo about Georgia’s offensive line.

First, though, he sets the stage.

… Lost in shuffle of a “disappointing” 10-3 season was the fact that offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and OL coach Stacy Searels did some of their best work.

That’s because a team that played musical chairs with its offensive line, the way Georgia had to do last season, is not supposed to finish third in the SEC in scoring (31.5 ppg). And when left tackle Trinton Sturdivant injured his left knee in preseason, that’s exactly what Georgia had to do. Over the course of 13 games last season Georgia’s offensive line:

**–Had six different players start one of the two tackle positions.

**–Had six different players start at one of the two guard positions.

**–Had two different players start at center.

**–Georgia’s longest stretch of starting the same offensive line was only four games.

By contrast, Alabama started the same offensive line in 11 out of 14 games last season. If LT Andre Smith had not been suspended for the Sugar Bowl, it would have been 12 out of 14. At the end of last season Alabama’s offensive line had collectively started 117 career games.

So, yeah, the coaches did a stellar job.  But, as Barnhart notes, the line was perceived to have had help from other quarters as well.

With the exit of QB Matthew Stafford and RB Knowshon Moreno there will be the tendency to sell this offense short. Bobo will have none of that talk.

Good for Bobo.  The line needs to be fed that take-no-prisoners approach early and often.  More so than any other season under Richt, the success of this year’s team is going to rest on the shoulders of Georgia’s lines on both sides of the ball.


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  1. MacAttack

    Every time we played I was amazed at how great of a job SS did

    He deserved the raise he got and then some

    I just pray we stay away from injuries this year on the OL. We may not get so lucky doing it AGAIN