Profiles in hope and change

One thing about Washington – the capacity for dumbness there seems boundless.  And nobody’s ashamed about it, either.

… Rep. Joe Barton, a conservative Republican, does not agree with President Barack Obama on many issues.

Barton told The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board Wednesday that he hoped Obama would prevail on one matter.

They both want a playoff system for college football.

“If he’ll just help me get a BCS championship playoff, that little thing alone will go a long way,” Barton said.

Barton claims, by the way, that Obama’s already assured him that he’ll sign Barton’s BCS bill if it gets to the President’s desk.


UPDATE: Teh stoopid, it burns.  Start with this moment of genius…

Is the timing right to attempt to change or destroy the BCS system?

“The timing, I think, is really good because number one we just had the NCAA championship basketball game that North Carolina won, so people know that it is possible to actually determine the national championship on the field or on the court, as the case may be…”

And that won’t be the case next year, or the year after? (Maybe it’s just because North Carolina won.)

Finish up with this…

On if Congress should be involved in sports (like with baseball and steroids) or worry about more important issues:

“In terms of the BCS system, they’ve had ten years to get it right…”

Shit, by that line of reasoning, he and his colleagues should have been all over the automobile industry decades ago.


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6 responses to “Profiles in hope and change

  1. NebraskaDawg

    The numbnuts we call “politicians” must believe that everyone is in support of a playoff because they never do anything that is right just what they think will get them re-elected. Republican’ts and Demicommies might as well be the same party now anyway.


  2. brad komminsk's wasted youth

    Agree. The current bowl system is perfect. Why change anything?

    -mr. herbert hover


  3. The Realist

    When Congress steps in to change the terms of legal contracts binding willing parties to a general partnership out of sheer ignorance/arrogance, it is time to take Mr. Jefferson’s advice and start over.


  4. G.O.B.

    Is it too late to get some playoff appropriations tacked on to our stimulus plan? Just toss in a bill providing $63,753,480 to the NCAA for “General Things Related To a Playoff (No Real Guidelines For Spending Funds, Guys, Just Use Your Imaginations)” with the single stipulation that a mid-major team with four losses will win the championship by defeating an undefeated USC or SEC/BXII champion by a single point on a last-minute trick play.

    This is the best possible course of action, in my mind: every single Republican elected representative and official will immediately start blathering incoherently about pork and responsible spending and support for a state-sanctioned playoff will wither in the conservative constituencies of the SEC and Big XII.

    Others, like Orrin Hatch and this Joe Barton, may have a tougher time with it, but I believe there’s a solid chance the cognitive dissonance will make their brains explode.


  5. MacAttack

    People can bash Congress all they want, without it…Steroids would not have been banned by the players WHEN THEY DID. I am sure it would have been banned later

    Also, the committee did a great job with McGwire, Sosa, and Raffy as it brought all of them A LOT OF CRITICISM which will keep them all out of the HOF. Public shame has since followed anyone who is linked to steroids.

    It was a good thing

    If Congress wants to get involved to get the playoffs, I am all for it. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that people would like this if another party controlled Congress and they did this (I know, I know…you will say you wouldn’t)


  6. S.E. Dawg

    I know a lot of you guys and gals would rather not have a playoff system and you’ve stated your cases intelligently, but I hope we get at least a plus one. That would basically leave the regular season intact and would not screw up the bowl system. And I’ve heard the –somebody will still feel that they got left out argument too.