2007? Brandon Spikes never heard of it.

If you want to make a list of things this year’s Gator team needs to work on in its inevitable (at least if you believe the media right now) quest for another MNC, history skills would have a place on it, based on this quote from LB Brandon Spikes:

”We just talked about getting a three-peat,” Spikes said. “We have the whole defense back and you win championships with the defense. So we have a great chance of doing it.”

Just skip over that four-loss season, bro.  After all, the GPOOEwas hurt.

That’s how a program that doesn’t believe college football existed before 1990 rolls.



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14 responses to “2007? Brandon Spikes never heard of it.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    “Yeah me and Percy do hang out alot. We might hit the bong every now and then but it don’t effect my learned ability.”


  2. SLH

    Their defense is going to be awesome. We have to accept the fact that FL is a superior program these days and we have to beat them, straight up, in Jacksonville, when they have the better team, in order to get the edge and confidence back.

    Nothing would be sweeter than beating Tebow in his senior year.

    “Oh, and one more thing. Let’s do it again next year. I’m coming back!”

    Fuck you Tim.


  3. The Realist

    Better team last year? No doubt.

    Better team currently? Probably.

    Superior program? Not so fast, my friend.


  4. Robert

    One more year of the GPOOE, fellas.



  5. SLH

    when you win 2 national title in 3 years whereas your enemy hasn’t won one in 28 years, and hasn’t won the SEC since ’05, then yes, you can objectively say you have the better program.

    We lead the Turds in wins this decade but they have the cheese (pun intended) and may have more of it after this upcoming season.

    Yes – better program and better coach. And no one hates those MF’ers more than me.


  6. Robert

    “Yes – better program and better coach.”

    –I’m sorry, but you will never hear those words come out of my mouth.



  7. SLH

    Well then Robert, you’re simply in denial. Thank goodness you will “never” be our coach. CMR is too smart not to recognize the differences at this point in time. And we all know that time, and glory, is fleeting.


    • Robert

      Denial? I think not.

      I just said those words would never come out of my mouth.

      No offense, SLH.

      –And as far as coaching strategies go…

      Telling the Puke of the Earth that they have the better program and the better coach is probably a bad idea.

      Corrine Brown bad.


  8. MacAttack

    If Tebow says 2007 didn’t exist, then it didn’t exist

    We will have to deal with it


  9. SLH

    It’s not a coaching strategy Robert, it’s the truth. Having won 2 of the last 3 NC’s has put the Florida program ahead of ours. Period.

    You can choose not to say it, but you have to accept it for what it is.

    That’s not to say that we’re far behind – it’s just that we haven’t won a NC since 1980.

    Richt is the epitome of humility and would likely admit that Florida is a step ahead of us right now. Shoot, it’s not like Florida doesn’t already believe it anyway. They think that they created college football.

    Remember that there is nothing better than beating your rival just after paying homage to him.


    • Aligator

      We do not think we created football, you guys are being sore losers. when you won the year before last, you all were being huge assholes ..


  10. Aligator

    FYI, Football did exist for the Gators before 1990, we just cheated a lot and underachieved.


  11. Jim

    Pretty funny Aligator, you`re honest at least.