The new black

After reading David Hale’s assessment of Georgia’s receiver corps, here’s hoping that Tony Ball is the second coming of Stacey Searels.


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2 responses to “The new black

  1. The Realist

    Of all the positions to lack experience, WR is one I’m not overly concerned about. Young receivers can probably pick up on routes, schemes, etc. pretty quickly, but blocking seems to be where they are out of their comfort zone. I think the passing game will suffer less than the running game due to a lack of experience… especially with the grizzled Ginger Assassin calling the shots in the huddle.

    The more I hear about Orson Charles, the more I like that kid. He’s got the attitude of a winner so far.


  2. MacAttack

    The fact that we have to rely heavily on RS Freshman or true freshman worry me.

    Not everyone is Gibson or Green and we have no idea how many of them will be in the SEC with nerves, hands, or blocking in real-live action in front of 90k