Kiffin watch: Pipeline U

Junior speaks on his vision for the program, and I find it a little depressing.

On The Difference in Today’s Players: Unfortunately, the number one thing that is on their mind is the NFL. You’ve got to understand that. You’ve got to motivate them in the classroom and in the community as well, but it’s so money driven and professionally driven to get to the NFL and make the money as fast as you can.

When we get this program really rolling, we’re going to deal with a lot of three-year kids. We’re going to deal with a lot of kids that if they don’t get injured and they follow our direction and take our coaching, in three years they’re going to be in the NFL.

I wish it was different. I wish it was not like this. But it is the way it is. I think we can deal with it extremely well.

On UT being an NFL Pipeline: That’s the reality of it. That’s what kids are thinking. Do you get some kids that are highly motivated to get their degree? Sure you do. But they’re not all like that. That’s just not how society is today.

So we have to know that. We think that we are a pipeline to the NFL. The drills that we do, our systems on offense and defense are straight from the NFL. They (prospects) are getting coaches that have coached in the NFL. They’re getting coaches that have coached a ton of first-round draft picks — 11 national championships between this staff and a Super Bowl championship.

We do know what it takes to get guys there. We’ve sat in draft rooms for years. We know what it takes and we know how to get you there…

Ultimately, there’s just something soulless about reducing your program to nothing more than a minor league franchise for the National Football League.  No matter how much talent you arrange to process for your professional masters.


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7 responses to “Kiffin watch: Pipeline U

  1. NebraskaDawg

    And those who aren’t good enough for the NFL will be pumping gas in South Carolina after their college career is over.


  2. Sparrow

    It’s not depressing, it’s stupid. It’s true that a few kids do leave early from the schools that have become factories for the NFL, but not to the point that Kiffykins is talking about. Look at USC, which seems to be year in, year out well represented in the draft. Last year, they had 10 guys in the draft and only 1 was a 3-year player. Likewise, this year they have only 1 underclassman in the draft. You can run the same survey with every school synonymous with the NFL and find the same thing. What Kiffen “fears” just doesn’t happen.

    Kiffen thinks the way to top recruits is to hype up promotion to the pro game. We have several examples of this already. This is just another tactic to broadcast to high school kids that same message. “Aw shucks, all my players are going to be in the NFL early, making millions…” The foolish stuff that he does is entertaining, but this kind of behavior and talk excites me. If he is this shameless and base when it comes to recruiting, you know that NCAA violations can’t be too far behind.


  3. godawg

    It sure is refreshing that Kiffeykin has such a high opinion of himself and that he brings so much NFL experience to the table. Where do I sign?


  4. Joe

    The thing Laney does not seem to understand is that Ufk has been an NFL pipeline. They currently have the most NFL alumni of any SEC team.

    They have always been filled with mercenaries and murderers like Leonard Little, Dwayne Goodrich and Donte Stallworth. That is what Ufk football has always been about.

    What they needed was a guy who could coach football. This hire is making Ron Zook look like Knute Rockne.


  5. Maybe we should get Kiffykins in touch with Jim Donnan. I’m sure CJD will be happy to tell him how churning out annual boatloads of NFL talent worked out for him.


  6. MacAttack

    I am not sure what he said was anything but 100% accurate

    We love to think we are different but kids come to play for us to make it to the NFL. 90% of them would take being drafted high (or at all) over a degree


    • kckd

      I think there is a big difference between the kids thinking they are gonna make the NFL and the coach practically stating that his main focus when it comes to them, is in fact getting them to the NFL.

      Especially when even if he is deemed a success at such, he likely will only get at best, abou 5 to 10% of what he signed there. And the majority of those won’t stay long enough to take care of themselves for life.