Looking back: SEC stats, 2005-8 edition

Matt Melton’s got his four-year statistical review of the SEC up and it’s chock full of goodies.

Start with his summary of home field advantage in the conference during that time period.

… Now here is how homefield advantage shakes out in the SEC (in conference play only) with respect to the nation at large (with rank out of the 11 IA conferences in parentheses).As you can see, homefield advantage has meant next to nothing in the SEC over the past four seasons. Home teams have won about 51% of the time, meaning its accounted for a little more than what we would expect from a coin flip.

For you move-the-game-out-of-Jax advocates, Matt notes that Georgia’s road record is three games better than its home record over that time period.

He makes a terrific point about Bo Pelini maybe knowing a little bit about coaching defense with this chart:

And this is the line of the day, as far as I’m concerned:

Auburn fans, your team jumped the shark when Brandon Cox forgot how to play quarterback.



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8 responses to “Looking back: SEC stats, 2005-8 edition

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  2. Ben

    Interesting stuff re: HFA. One of my laments with UGA is that we haven’t established Sanford as a devastating home venue in the Richt era (despite the road dominance), so it’s interesting to see that this is not a situation unique to UGA.


  3. MacAttack

    Most of Richt’s worst losses are at home. Or…well…maybe all

    Vandy, Tech, Tennessee in ’04….and UF in ’02 but that was Jax


    • UT in ’07 was one of the worst losses of the Richt era.


      • ArchDawg

        I think that one was the worst, in terms of how I felt at the time. We didn’t show up AT ALL in that game–at least for the ones this year we played a half or so. That UT loss in ’07 doesn’t feel as bad now b/c we were so awesome after, but in my time watching Georgia I have never felt as bad after a game than that one.


  4. SierraSpartan

    If you look at Mississippi’s SEC defense placement when Coach O was in charge, they went 10-10-11. Then, when Boss Hawg comes to town, Ole Miss’ D suddenly vaults up to #4.

    If I was a Vol Queda supporter, I would be looking at that #1 Defense rating for this past season and wondering if Coach O may well do for UT’s Defense what he (by all rights) did for that of Ole Miss.

    And quivering.


  5. stuart

    vol quaeda supporter here

    this just in from al-vol-jazeera

    “monte kiffin is tennessee’s defensive coordinator, not dacoachoh, but dacoachoh has a pretty good record of developing d-lineman”

    not quivering my friend, not at all