Today’s caption contest

I supply the picture, you supply the caption in the comments, folks.

Courtesy Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

Courtesy Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images


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24 responses to “Today’s caption contest

  1. GreenvilleDawg

    “Golly, I sure am glad we don’t have to play Louisiana-Monroe again”

  2. heytogoober

    Not a caption, but is this a new Ben Stiller movie? Isn’t that him on the left?

  3. jason

    “Hey…where’s our other brother Darryl?”

  4. “Shiiiit, we mays look stupid, but least we don’t play Florida down thare ev’ry year! Y’all have fun getting drunk and losing!”

  5. godawg

    guy on the right:


  6. The Realist

    Orson Swindle, pictured right, will do whatever it takes for his craft. Here, he is immersing himself in the Moron culture as part of an expose’ on tainted cleaning products.

  7. RP

    Reason #539 why I use Gain….It get’s the moron out.

  8. **scratches butt profusely** “When I pass high skool…I’m gonna come here to this skool. YAYYYYYY!!!!”

  9. Ben W

    My momma gave us a dollar and dropped us off at the park & ride!

  10. mykiesee

    WOO- HOO! Glad I’m gay!

  11. BurnUGA

    “Got 12?”

    “Hell yeah Rolllll Tideee”

    “Your wife is so awesome for making these”

  12. Ben

    “We look like idiots.”

  13. Mike In Valdosta

    Stupid is as stupid does

  14. Derek

    Besides strappin’ these here things to our heads for football games, is this paper stuff good for anything else?

  15. …I had no idea Scott Hamilton and Lou Ferrigno hung out together!?!?

  16. Toomdawg

    “Told ya we’d need two spit cups”

  17. Robert

    “Will Ferrell and Steve Carell on the set of their new movie…The 40 Year Old Virgins.”

  18. mant

    “Why do people keep asking us if we can spare a square?”

  19. RedCrake

    It’s gonna take Clorox to get out the stains we left on the hotel sheets!

  20. AlphaDawg

    Two Alabama fans, evidently having missed the training session, continue to chant “buttwipe, laundry detergent!”…..”buttwipe, laundry detergent!”

  21. Robert

    Oops….I crapped my pants.

  22. USAFDawg757

    “Bro, NO fraternity is worth this BS. We shoulda gone to Georgia!”