Lundquist and Danielson, we’re looking at you.

C’mon, Coach Richt, do you really want to go there?

“The media, whether we liked it or not, wanted to portray Stafford and Moreno as the team,” coach Mark Richt said. “You couldn’t talk about Georgia without talking about Matthew. You couldn’t talk about Georgia without talking about Moreno. They were great players and they garnered that attention through the production that they had.

“Now that those guys are gone, the media doesn’t have any names to hang onto and it’s much more of a team situation here. I think that’s very, very important…”

Blaming the media for a lack of team chemistry is weak, weak beer.  Somehow I suspect that Florida will survive the worship of all things Tebow just fine this year.  And it’s not like Richt himself hasn’t dealt with this kind of stuff before and kept his team together.

For example, rumor has it this guy had a motor that never stopped.

And I’ve heard that Pollack and David Greene played peewee football together – isn’t that something?



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4 responses to “Lundquist and Danielson, we’re looking at you.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Senator, I’m glad you mentioned this. I didn’t want to be the only one who felt like that (you were being serious, right? just checking).
    I remember my UT buddy used to tell me how sick of Pollack/Greene he was, to which I replied, “now you know how we felt when Peyton was around”. Do I tire of hearing the name Tebow? Sure, but I also enjoy watching good football. It happens to all good programs, the key is not fanning the media flames to bonfire levels.

    And there’s almost a hint of blaming Stafford/Moreno in Richt’s words. I can’t imagine he really meant to come off like that. He knows both of those guys were quick to praise others.


  2. MacAttack

    The reason why the media portrayed them as such is because last year, THAT WAS THE CASE

    Stafford led the charge, Moreno ran lights out, and AJ Green caught a LOT

    Your coaching last year sucked, Mark. Stop blaming the media because they were right.


  3. Harry

    How about that Polack interception?’s David POLLACK. Haha