Saturday morning question

Can somebody explain to me what all the fuss over Greg Paulus is about?


UPDATE: Chris Brown looks at it from Paulus’ point of view.



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  1. It is overblown however it is somewhat remarkable for a college athlete to transfer between two D1 schools to play a different sport. The schools are historically considered the upper tier of both of those sports thus it’s a story. It’s a story worthy of printing principally because it’s April.


  2. Mike In Valdosta

    Paul-us: from the latin “all sizzle, no steak”


  3. Joe

    I think the biggest article to come out of this situation is the one that explains why, despite continuously getting 5* high school kids, Duke b-ball and Notre Dame football are no longer competitive at the highest levels.

    The reason for that is that the recruiting services pander to the large, national fanbases of both programs and the kids that they recruit get an unnatural boost in their rankings.

    Paulus is a little white kid who played against mediocre high school competition and was overwhelmed at the Army A-A game. He proved over 4 years at Duke that he is a below-average D1 athlete. The only reason this story has legs is because Tom Lemming thought the kid was a great high school QB, and, of course, Lemming only thought that because the kid was going to ND for football.

    I think this entire story has been a great illustration of what has happened to the once great programs in Durham and South Bend, and why they are no longer elite.


  4. MacAttack

    Slow news week + Anything about Duke = Anything about Duke being over-played as often as possible


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    You think this has jack to do about Duke? It’s all about what Rodriguez is doing up in Ann Arbor.


    • DJ

      it is a sad day in michigan football when you can’t get a quarterback to come to the school and you have to dig into other sports at other schools to find someone willing to play for you.


  6. Paulus = Poor man’s Ronald Curry.