The light bulb goes on.

The New York Times discovers the link between the new SEC TV contracts and the rising salaries of assistant coaches in the conference.

Good work, fellas.



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5 responses to “The light bulb goes on.

  1. NCT

    Ya think?


  2. Sparrow

    I hate that the Times even covers college football. They’re so far behind the curve, yet they continue to pursue “innovative” pieces rather than just straight up reporting, culminating in me having to explain the A-11 offense to my French father-in-law, who truthfully could care less, but is polite and just making conversation.


    • MacAttack

      In the end, you are correct

      But I always seem to get a kick out of their articles every so often

      They uncovered the Auburn sociology stuff. They wrote that article about the guy choosing between Texas/OU and the parties, etc…though a lot of that was untrue…still was fun to read


  3. CFR

    You need one of those forward functions in here, pass this along to one Mr. Zimbalist.


  4. Bobafet7

    So Spurrier is a socialist?