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“This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

The Wiz has posted a bunch of pics from Auburn’s spring game, including this scoreboard shot of Gene Chizik’s resume.

Previously coached at Iowa State... and?

"Previously coached at Iowa State"... and?

Nothing like a little judicious skimming to clean things up.



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An early strength of schedule question

Every once in a while, I’ll go take a look at Phil Steele’s site to see if he’s got anything posted of interest.

What I came across is his ranking of 2009 schedules based on the NCAA’s criteria of opponents’ wins and losses.  I’ve always been less than impressed with this methodology (and to be fair, Steele has too).  Here’s one example why.

Look at Florida’s schedule for this year:

Sep. 5 Charleston So
Sep. 12 Troy
Sep. 19 Tennessee
Sep. 26 at Kentucky
Oct. 3
Oct. 10 at LSU
Oct. 17 Arkansas
Oct. 24 at Miss St
Oct. 31 Georgia
Nov. 7 Vanderbilt
Nov. 14 at S Carolina
Nov. 21 Florida Int’l
Nov. 28 Florida St

And here’s Georgia’s:

Sep. 5 at Oklahoma St
Sep. 12 S Carolina
Sep. 19 at Arkansas
Sep. 26 Arizona St
Oct. 3 LSU
Oct. 10 at Tennessee
Oct. 17 at Vanderbilt
Oct. 24
Oct. 31 Florida (Jacksonv’lle)
Nov. 7 Tenn Tech
Nov. 14 at Auburn
Nov 21 Kentucky
Nov. 28 at Georgia Tech

Right now, Steele has those ranked as rough equivalents, the #43 (Georgia’s) and #44 (Florida’s) schedules in the country. And here’s what the toughest schedule of any SEC team looks like – it’s South Carolina’s #4 ranked schedule.

Sep. 3 at NC State ESPN
Sep. 12 at Georgia
Sep. 19 Florida Atl
Sep. 24 Mississippi
Oct. 3 S Caro St
Oct. 10 Kentucky
Oct. 17 at Alabama
Oct. 24 Vanderbilt
Oct. 31 at Tennessee
Nov. 3 at Arkansas
Nov. 14 Florida
Nov. 21
Nov. 28 Clemson

Of Florida’s and South Carolina’s, which schedule seems more similar to Georgia’s?


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Monday morning buffet

Rise and shine, campers.

  • At Auburn, they’re excited about the new offensive coordinator, they ran the ball well at the spring game and they still don’t have a quarterback.  The more things change…
  • MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson’s proposal to reinvent the D-1 football postseason doesn’t sound like it’s picking up steam heading into the BCS meetings which start today.
  • What do you think the AJ-C would do with a story like this if it involved a Georgia football player and Mark Richt?
  • There is nothing written that says a coach becomes an offensive genius simply because he has the duty of calling plays.” True dat.
  • The Fridge thinks Diddy should suck it up and take his medicine like a man.

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