Tuesday morning buffet, Dawg-flavored

A few Georgia-related samples for you to snack on this morning:

  • Cory McCartney’s piece about Georgia at SI.com doesn’t really break any new ground, but Mark Richt’s quote there about media expectations is much more nuanced than his previous statement, for what it’s worth.
  • If this really is an accurate description of the Tech football program’s current state of mind – “… the Yellow Jackets genuinely and sincerely believe they can make a run at a national championship next season. Sure, it’s the focus of any college football team at this point in the year, but Georgia Tech has been talking about setting its sights on Pasadena in the moments after their New Year’s Eve bowl loss, and the team really seems to believe it…” – I would love it if there were something truly big to take away from the Jackets on November 28th.
  • Paul Finebaum notes that Auburn’s two previous head coaches won in their first tries in Athens.  He doesn’t believe that streak will continue this season.
  • Sure, you’ll probably feel a little churlish for it, but don’t tell me this article about Dwayne Allen’s rocky road at Clemmins doesn’t bring at least a teeny smile to your face when you read it. (h/t Dawg Sports)


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9 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet, Dawg-flavored

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Typically after an ass beating in your bowl game the next thought is not national championship.


  2. I didn’t know Tech had any goals other than beating UGA ever. After all, following that 3 point beatdown, didn’t they have rings crafted to remember the occasion forever? They are easily the most pathetic program and fan base in the country.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    This is what beating an in-state rival who’s dominated you for the greater part of a decade will do for your confidence. A 3-point win over Georgia … next stop: Pasadena.

    Chick-fil-a Bowl? Never heard of it.


  4. RedCrake

    They might wanna focus on winning the ACC first.


  5. bill

    Johnson’s teams historically have made improvements from year one to year two. My guess is that it is primarily due to a better understanding of his offense.

    But I doubt they will win even the conference next year. I do think they will be a better team than last year and probably go 10-3.

    As long as CPJ is on the flats though, Tech will be serious contenders for ACC and state championships. He already is a pain in the ass to Dog fans and will be for many years to come.


  6. Dog in Fla

    1. Doggone those excellent players who turn pro. Let’s hope the “New Look Dawgs Hope to Escape Shadow of Moreno/Stafford Era” article theme works out better for us this time than it did the last time when we escaped the Herschel/Walker era.

    2. Jackets get demolished by LSU in bowl and immediately thereafter genuinely and sincerely believe they can make a run at a national championship next year. Did they play without their helmets? That’s like us knowing we’re going to the national championship game next season when behind 49-3. Maybe we did think it when we were ahead 28-12 at halftime against Tech.

    3. What Finebaum signals is that if Auburn is a 14 or more point underdog at Georgia, take Auburn and the points. Common sense.

    4. Dwayne and Dabo have a momentary failure to communicate.


  7. MacAttack

    Georgia Tech will be sooooo over-hyped that I am going to laugh my ass off when they win 8-9 games and fail to make the ACCCG

    Will their O be good? Sure
    Will their D still be terrible? Absolutely
    Will their O still be hot/cold? You bet

    Their team will be far from unstoppable as some Techies tell themselves


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  9. bill

    Overhyped? UGA will probably still be ranked ahead of Tech in pre-season. This is a non-story. Ask any major D-1 program during spring or summer what their goal is and they are going to say “win a national championship.” Tech’s players chanted it in a huddle for Pete’s sake! Tech wasn’t picked by SI.

    As a Tech fan, I am not unrealistic. This team is a good team but far from great. Gailey left some good skill players but no O lineman. I have always maintained it will take some time for CPJ to build his program. I will gladly take back to back 9 win seasons during that building process. I will talk championships in the future.