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“From the outside, you see a guy who won five games at Iowa State.”

Auburn fans, you can’t say you haven’t been given fair warning about this season.

… Chizik believes he also was close to turning around Iowa State. He inherited a Cyclones team that went 4-8 in 2006, after going 7-5 in consecutive seasons under coach Dan McCarney in 2004 and ’05. Iowa State went 3-9 in Chizik’s first season in 2007. Last year, the Cyclones opened the season with victories over Football Championship Subdivision opponent South Dakota State and Kent State, but then lost their last 10 games to finish 2-10.

“I have no question in my mind that we were definitely on the right track,” Chizik said…

According to Chizik, he faces a similar rebuilding job at Auburn.

Hoo, boy.



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They’re havin’ a party.

Well, as Doc Saturday notes, it’s BCS get-together week.  Here are a few stories from it, or related to the BCS/playoffs debate:

  • The Mountain West’s playoff proposal got a whole hour-and-a-half’s worth of attention before being consigned to proposal hell – “… referred to conferences, athletic directors, faculty athletic representatives and university presidents for discussion until the BCS meets at the Collegiate Commissioners Association meetings June 15-19 in Colorado Springs.”
  • Even the Mountain West’s commissioner thinks the antitrust threats against the BCS are worthless.
  • Regardless, Rep. Barton has a vision for the football postseason “… but if they let 65 teams compete for the basketball championship, you could certainly let 8 teams or 16 teams, using the existing bowl structure, compete for the championship in football.” Yummy!

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Wednesday morning buffet

Eat, read and be merry.

  • When it comes to preserving Diddy’s career wins total, you can’t worry about little things like a budget crisis.
  • Mitch Mustain is now the #3 quarterback on the USC roster, behind a true freshman.  Pete Carroll may think he’s going to “continue to battle his way up”, but I suspect momma’s got other plans.
  • Gentlemen, your criteria suck.
  • This is a disturbing trend that I hope the NCAA cracks down on somehow.  Seriously.
  • We always thought they were math-challenged in Knoxville, so this isn’t too surprising.
  • Arizona State has a 6 foot 8 inch true freshman quarterback?
  • If you’re gonna diss Matt Stafford, at least get your facts straight (see first comment).


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