“From the outside, you see a guy who won five games at Iowa State.”

Auburn fans, you can’t say you haven’t been given fair warning about this season.

… Chizik believes he also was close to turning around Iowa State. He inherited a Cyclones team that went 4-8 in 2006, after going 7-5 in consecutive seasons under coach Dan McCarney in 2004 and ’05. Iowa State went 3-9 in Chizik’s first season in 2007. Last year, the Cyclones opened the season with victories over Football Championship Subdivision opponent South Dakota State and Kent State, but then lost their last 10 games to finish 2-10.

“I have no question in my mind that we were definitely on the right track,” Chizik said…

According to Chizik, he faces a similar rebuilding job at Auburn.

Hoo, boy.



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6 responses to ““From the outside, you see a guy who won five games at Iowa State.”

  1. Must be that Magical Year 2 that great coaches have.


  2. Dog in Fla

    ‘According to Chizik, he faces a similar rebuilding job at Auburn,’ must mean that Chizik has to figure out how to have the War Eagles lose 3 more games than they did last year when they went 5-7 to match his fine 2-10 record with the Cyclones last year when they were definitely on the right track.

    Chizik has to say thanks each night for the miraculous appearance of Lane’s pre-season blitzkrieg. Otherwise everybody would be thinking that they were smoking some bad weed on the Plains when they fired Tuberville, 5-7 and 85-40, and replaced him with a 2-1o and 5-19 guy.

    Tuberville smiles when he hears about how Chizik is going to ‘rebuild’ Auburn but it’s easy to smile when you’ve already got $3M from Auburn with another couple of million coming within a year or so.


  3. Auburn must be thrilled that their new coach is a guy who considers turning a 4-8 team into a 2-10 team “rebuilding.” Kind of the same way the USAAF 8th Bomber Command “rebuilt” Dresden.


  4. JasonC

    I figure Chizik can manage the defense, but if they have they bungle the offense like they did last year and can’t find an identity between a run-first-based offense and Gus’ high-flying circus and they continue to field a question mark at QB, I think last year’s record will be the ceiling… and Auburn will be looking for a new coach.


  5. MacAttack

    It is funny to see so many at ISU who turned on Gene once he left

    ISU’s Rivals.com guy went biserk on how bad he was as a HC. Whether hiring idiot friends or ridiculous coaching decisions during games

    Chizik is getting a grace period now but once he loses a game, they will turn on him


  6. Macallanlover

    I still cannot believe the Barn actually went from Tubbs to Chizik, but I will say it will prove out that they were second to Miss State in picking a new HC in the SEC. Since they are our designated annual Western rival, I hope they struggle for a few years. We have a good chanceto get the overall series lead back from AU and UT with these changes. No excuse in trailing those two, and they are the only schools we play every year that we trail in the series record. I hope by 2015 we have overcome those two deficits. An upset by AU over UT may make it hard for TN to make a bowl again next year (I think they do, but it could be close if UT loses to two of AU, UCLA, or SC. I see them at 7-5 or 8-4 but they need to win the close ones.)

    Chizik doesn’t have to deal with just a talent deficit going into next year, he faces a big problem with the rejuvenated Bama program and improving programs at FSU and Old Miss. They need to win against WVU or TN to have a decent season, imo.