Munson ♥ Greene.

I got a kick out of this straw poll that the AB-H’s Marc Weiszer conducted to select Georgia’s best all-time quarterback.  It’s a fun bit – even if Mark Richt wimped out on making a pick – but the highlight for me was seeing that Larry Munson got in on the discussion.  His pick was for the winner.

“I’m kind of hung on David Greene to tell you the truth,” Munson said. ” I think his four years were brilliant.”

Hobnail Boot, baby!



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8 responses to “Munson ♥ Greene.

  1. dean

    Hard to disagree with Munson. All Greene did was win more games than any other QB in D-1 history. Unfortunately bad timing kept him from winning a MNC in ’02.

    I have to go with Zier. I always wonder how different the his time at UGA would have been if we’d had a halfway decent defense. Plus he was the most “complete” QB we’ve had in my lifetime, IMO.


  2. Ally

    Richt “wimped out” on making a pick? Really? You’ve said some ridiculously harsh things on this blog but this by far is just flat-out stupid Senator.

    He’s a Coach to all of them with continuing relationships. Hell, he’s having his annual get-together of previous players (including QBs) at his home over the weekend to celebrate the draft.

    He treats them all as if they are his children. What did you expect him to say exactly? Its like asking him which of his children is his favorite: Anja, John, Zach, or David?

    Which daughter of your daughters is your favorite? Make a choice for fear we’ll all call you a wimp.

    It would’ve been classless, at the least, if he’d made a choice. What’s truly classless is the fact you’d suggest he’s “wimping out” by not making you happy and starting a controversy. And you know damn well it would stir a controversy in the media & w/ fans.



  3. Hobnail_Boot

    You rang?


  4. MacAttack

    Who the hell would cry about saying he whimped out? It was obviously a joke. Do yourself a favor and get laid once in awhile.

    As for best QB, I will take Greene > Z-Man > Tark > Stafford