Thursday morning buffet

More coffee, hon?

  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take one. Steve Spurrier, upon leaving Florida for the NFL, had this to say:  “There are no Vanderbilts in the NFL.” Considering his Gamecocks have lost two straight to Vandy, I guess there are no Vanderbilts in the SEC East, either.
  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take two. One other noteworthy item about the above-linked piece – I believe it marks the first printed use of the phrase “Even Lane Kiffin” since Junior’s taken the helm in Knoxville.  Something tells me it won’t be the last.
  • Coaches say the darnedest things, take three. Great, great catch over at Team Speed Kills regarding Urban Meyer’s conversion on the subject of an early signing period – “I was against the early signing period before I was for it. Old Meyer: Early signing is a terrible idea. New Urban Meyer (who’s hauling in early commitments): Early signing is a marvelous idea.”
  • Mack Brown’s still in a snit about the coaches’ poll.  At GTP, we have a suggestion for you, Coach.  Instead of quitting, start pushing for approval voting.  And stop blaming the coaches’ poll for what happened to your team last year.  That was the fault of the Big XII Conference, not the polls.
  • Normally, I don’t link to Bleacher Report because 95% of what appears there is little more than message board-type dreck that isn’t worthy of comment, but, brother, when you have the cojones to compare the BCS/playoff fight to the civil rights struggle, that’s the kind of stupidity that’s gonna get a shout-out from me every time.
  • And here’s another the-NFL-doesn’t-like-spread-option-quarterbacks story.  This one’s spiced with some defensive comments from Rich Rod – essentially blame the players, not the system – balanced against some real world observations from one of his former players, Shaun King.
  • Famous last words from Jimmy Clausen“Coach Weis will not get fired because of me.” Damn, wouldn’t that be some heavy karma.
  • Yeah, this is going somewhere:  Faculty group aims for greater voice in NCAA decisions. Probably about as far as this exercise in cynicism: BCS considering parts of Mountain West proposal.


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4 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Since the trend is socialism in this country, I believe we should send all college football programs a national championship trophy at the end of the season for “fairness” and “equality” and everyone will be happy!


    • MacAttack

      You are one of those people who are too stupid to understand what Socialism actually is, aren’t you?

      I mean, as a Republican, I think our biggest problem in this country is the stupidity of our own members who can’t even understand what they are arguing.

      Fox News had a Socialist on the other night and he was begging the station to actually understand what the Socialism cause actually was and to stop trying to peg it to Obama who has little to no socialism in him. I would have thought that would shut up the idiots but I guess I was wrong.


  2. heytogoober

    I’d never heard of Bleacher Report before this morning. After reading that post, I feel forever changed; for the worse.

    What poor grammar, incorrect punctuation and … well, just drivel! “… (W)e are allowing a group of dictators dictate …”

    Please, Senator, never again!


  3. Macallanlover

    I concede that Brown has grounds for an argument, but I don’t find his case compelling at all. Brown’s argument is illogical in that the head-to-head example solves absolutely nothing, nada, since Texas Tech’s argument would be as strong as his.

    Once you rule out head-to-head as a way to be fair to all, it is strictly a matter of subjective opinion. In OU’s defense, they thrashed Texas Tech while Texas not only lost to TT, they came from behind in the 4th Qtr against the Sooners with a great Special teams play. I feel Oklahoma would have beaten Texas 7 times out of ten based on what I saw from their total body of work. Plus, Texas got manhandled by TT in the first half of their game and battled back only to collapse defensively when they knew what was riding on it.

    Brown feels different, but that doesn’t justify his ongoing rant. Totally understand his standing up for his team by thinking they were the best, but this whining is getting old.

    Florida would have beaten that Texas defense even worse than they did OU, imo. I think Stoops has a stronger argument about the final ranking where Texas ended up ahead of them. Texas even struggled with Ohio State in the bowl game when they had a reasonable chance to earn a split faux title if OU had beaten Florida.