Can’t say I blame him.

Now you know why Stafford left early.

That should make for a nice recruiting pitch for Richt, Bobo and Garner.



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  1. NebraskaDawg



  2. Oneviewdawg

    Thank God that’s over.

    Thanks for all your effort in Athens, Matt.

    Now can we get back to real football?


  3. Mike In Valdosta

    Real football? You are right, Stafford was a horrible tackler.

    I believe that makes Richt 3 for 3 in getting starting QBs drafted at Georgia.

    Now, in addition to 2 Heisman QBs, he lays claim to an overall number 1 draft pick. That is what we call “unique business value”



    As I said when he announced he was going pro, if you are going to get criticized by your fans for your play, you might as well get paid for it.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Lane concerned.

    Lane knows Richt stays in high Triple A ball for the NFL with a #1 and another first rounder later today.

    Lane knows the NFL may keep Lane in Single A ball for his honeymoon season and then demote him to rookie ball if Lane can’t produce a NFL ready player soon.

    Lane knows that once Lane went public with primary purpose of Lane being a big-time feeder of players to NFL, Lane may now have to actually deliver.

    Lane knows this may involve some actual coaching instead of talking about it.

    Lane knows that he needs to blame this on someone other than himself.


  6. bobafet7

    1st QB and RB in the draft!


  7. MacAttack

    I always love when someone says they would have stayed if they were Stafford

    Just goes to show some haven’t the faintest clue what they are saying

    Like I would believe some UGA junior turning down almost $80M with half of that guaranteed


  8. Wolfman

    I do hope that the tight end gets more catches than that wideout he has to throw to.


  9. DawgBiscuit

    Congrats and best wishes to #1 pick Matthew Stafford. While I’m sad to see him leave UGA, I completely understand. Don’t think for a second that Tebow wouldn’t have bolted on UF if he had the skills and opportunity as Staff. TT’s shipment of fail is scheduled to arrive in approximately one year, but here’s hoping for special early delivery on October 31 in Jacksonville.

    Congrats also to #12 pick Knowshon Rockwell Moreno (who I sincerely hope becomes the next Terrell Davis in Denver), MoMass, and all the other Damn Good Dawgs that move on to the next level.


  10. Will Q

    MoMass in the 2nd round! Awesome.


  11. For real. If the Terry College of Business could have convinced me there was a way to make $41M guaranteed after my junior year, I assure you I would have left school early as well. Good luck to Matthew, Knowshon, and Mohammed in their future endeavors. The Bulldawg Nation is firmly behind ya, fellas.


  12. Bishop Pickering

    I really thought the don’t go dawgs website would have had more impact than this.