For those of you NFL mavens who mock college football fans for showing up in great numbers to watch meaningless spring practice games, I would submit that showing up for an indoor event in your team’s jersey to watch a frickin’ draft is infinitely lamer.

Exhibit “A”:

Get a life, morons.

Get a life, morons.



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  1. NebraskaDawg

    ESPN’s gloating over Sanchez was embarassing. You’d have thought he was the #1 pick. Dirty Sanchez had only 16 starts, has a weaker arm, played with much more talent and a much more solid O-Line, was drafted lower and put up lesser numbers. He’s clearly better than Stafford.


    • The Realist

      The ESPN guys had to declare USC’s practices as competitive enough to count as games played. That’s rationalization if I’ve ever heard such.

      Does the guy have the tools? Sure. But, he made some pretty poor decisions, displayed really poor mechanics at times, and was surrounded with far superior talent than all of the teams he started against. But, don’t let facts get in the way. He just has a presence.


  2. Josh G.

    The crowd was embarrassing for the NFL yesterday. Booing everything, shouting over everyone, and just being losers. They really need to rethink that whole deal. And you’re right about the Sanchez Slobbering. Pathetic.


    • Macallanlover

      Grown men wearing football jerseys acting badly……shocking! “Southern by the grace of God” becomes even more clear when you watch New Yorkers so consumed by the NFL.


  3. NCT

    Hale’s got some great photos up: http://dawg-extra.blogspot.com/2009/04/draft-day-photos.html.

    Please note the Miami Mullets fan and the well-dressed college kids in the penultimate photo.


  4. MacAttack

    The JETS fans used to be a funny and cool thing to do during the draft but the more publicity it got, the lamer and stupid it has gotten.

    It reminds me of Duke Basketball fans. Their students and crowds used to be rocking with original stuff but these days it is just….being lame.


  5. Mike In Valdosta

    Sanchez = Obama

    “this feeling shooting up my leg”